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Spotlight | Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation.

As you might recall, Ever Bilena sent me a box of goodies last month. Included in that box is the Pro Flawless Finish Foundation, which takes the spotlight on the blog today.
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation.
Working on this review made me realize that I haven't used liquid foundation in a long, long time! I think I stopped using them when I joined the BB Cream bandwagon (and eventually the CC Cream hype) and have never looked back since. Can the Pro Flawless Finish Foundation make me think otherwise? We'll see. :)
Product description at the back of the box.
Here's what Ever Bilena says about the product:
"A long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than the ordinary foundation. Leaving a soft natural finish without flaking effects. Enriched with Vitamin E that helps maintain natural skin moisture. Easily covers dark circles, redness, and minor skin imperfections. This unique foundation creates instant affinity with the skin that makes it glide on like silk and stay fresh looking as it imparts a glowing skin all day."
Ingredients also listed at the back of the box.
The Pro Flawless Finish Foundation comes in a frosted glass pump bottle and is available in four shades - Natural, Beige, Gold, and Oriental. Ever Bilena sent me the Oriental shade, and surprisingly, it matches my skin tone nicely. 
Shade reference at the top of the box and bottom of the bottle.
I like the elegant vibe of the frosted glass bottle. However, I have to be extra careful in handling and storing this product because of its fragile packaging. As for the pump, I'm not too keen about it (which is actually a euphemism of 'I don't like it!'). Either it dispenses nothing even after pumping it a few times or it dispenses a lot more than what I actually need.
Pump it!
Now here's how the foundation looks like.
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Oriental.
It has a light and runny consistency, making it easy to apply and blend. Lightweight and leaves the skin with a silky feel, this foundation does a good job of covering blemishes and imperfections. It also has a nice, sweet scent which isn't exactly subtle, but fades a few seconds or so after applying.
Blend, blend, blend.
At first glance, I thought this shade would be a little off for my skin. But once blended, it matched my skin tone just right. Coverage is buildable from light to medium and has a slightly dewy finish.
Left, without foundation. Right, with foundation.
Staying power, however, is so-so. It doesn't stay on very long, especially now that the weather is warmer. (Hello, summer!) My forehead looked like a greased pan by midday, and to think my skin isn't the oily type (I have sensitive/combination skin). Plus I even wore a makeup base underneath and set it with Ever Bilena Makeup Cake afterwards (more about this in a separate post).
Bare face.
If you're staying indoors most of the time (say, at the mall or in your airconditioned office), this product will probably hold up longer. Also, this foundation doesn't have sun protection, so remember to wear sunscreen underneath.
With Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation.
What I love:

- Easy to blend and apply.
- Buildable coverage.
- Lightweight.
- Slightly dewy finish.
- The scent. Sweet, but not overpowering. 
- No breakouts, no allergic reactions.
- Affordable at Php 165 (around $3) per bottle. 
- Available at most beauty counters, supermarkets, and even drugstores.

What you might not like:
- The erratic pump.
- Staying power is so-so.
- No SPF!
Products Used:
FACE: The Face Shop Lovely ME:Ex Makeup Base,
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Oriental,
Ever Bilena Makeup Cake in #559,
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
K-Palette Real Lasting Micro Eyeliner in Black,
Love & Beauty Eyeliner in Dark Brown,
Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara.
CHEEKS: Tony Moly Cristal Blusher in Pleasure Peach.
LIPS: Peripera Frozen Magic Glam Tint in Let it Go.

In the end, while this product did not and could not make me forego my love for BB Creams, I did like how this foundation made my skin look smooth and flawless. It's not the stuff HG foundations are made of, but for Php 165 a pop, you really can't complain.

How about you, what's your HG foundation? :)

11 replies:

Masshole Mommy said...

You look lovely. That color really blends well with your skin tone.

Heather Jones said...

I need a new foundation. This looks like a good one. May have to give this one a try!

Rebecca Swenor said...

I would love to try this product indeed. It is hard to find a good foundation that covers so well and don't flake. Thanks for sharing.

Christy G said...

It looks great on you. I don't wear foundation bc I usually have break outs.

Unknown said...

since it's so hot in Phoenix, and then hot and humid during monsoon I haven't used a liquid base in almost 25 years. I wonder if something may make me change my mind someday

debdenny said...

Nice color. Really radient foundation.

Stefani @ said...

I am picky about my foundations. Right now since I prefer not to wear foundation, if I do I go with a bb cream too.

Lisa said...

What a great foundation for you

mail4rosey said...

It is nice when you find a good match for your skin. I have trouble with that one because I'm so pale.

MomGlenz said...

I'll check it out! thanks for sharing

Beauty by Tellie said...

I guess for the price, okay lang. I don't expect a lot but at least it looks nice enough on your skin!