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Globe Telecom launches Anti Text Spam Campaign.

"Pre-selling condo in Global City, Taguig! We offer no DP, 0% interest!"
"Interested in getting a cash loan? Get as much as 500K, no collateral, no cash out easy approval!"
"Congratulations, your sim number won Php 1M! Call this number to claim your prize."
I only like spam if it comes from a can. :)
Sounds familiar? These are but one of the many text messages that I've encountered throughout the years. They're spam messages - unsolicited, come from unfamiliar numbers, and often times annoying.

Is there a way to avoid receiving spam messages like these? Apparently, there is.

Globe Telecom launched a campaign to address continuing proliferation of unsolicited promotional materials sent through short messaging service or text messages, commonly known as text spams, which many subscribers find to be annoying and bothersome.

"To help reduce, if not eliminate, text spams, the telecommunications provider has put in place several channels through which subscribers can report text spams", said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Head of Corporate Communications.

Subscribers may report via the Globe website through Talk2Globe Chat (; send a message through Globe Contact Form ( and by tweeting @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter. Subscribers can put in the number, the exact message, and the time and date the text spam was received. "Numbers that are reported to be source of text spams are first sent warnings and those that are persistent source of text spams are deactivated from the service", Crisanto said.

How to block spam messages on your Android device.
While the company takes utmost care in safeguarding data, records and documents gathered in the process of conducting business, subscribers should also take caution in writing down any personal information including mobile phone numbers. “Anyone who has access to numbers can create a database. Collection of numbers can come from registration to events and websites, prepaid loading from sari-sari stores, to text validation of mobile apps, and more. Major sources can be mobile marketing companies, app and web developers, load merchants, private and public establishments as well as through mobile generator programs,” she said.

Globe Telecom also disputes an online report that telcos sell customer numbers to database marketing companies. “Our valued subscribers can rest assured that we treat customer numbers with utmost confidentiality in line with the company’s security policy,” Crisanto emphasized. “We are aware and take note that spam text messages continue to cause inconvenience to many of our subscribers We want to assure our customers that we are committed in our drive against text spams,” she added.
How to block spam messages on your iPhone.
Many subscribers complain of getting an average of 5 to 10 text spams a day. Spam messages are usually sent by prepaid numbers as they are untraceable and are easily disposable. Spammers also don’t need to specific numbers to send spam messages to as they make use of USB GSM modems and they spam number ranges.

The National Telecommunications Commission had previously issued a memorandum circular prohibiting any unauthorized broadcast messaging services. The memorandum provides that any individual or business entity who wants to send broadcast messages needs to register first with the NTC for authorization. Legitimate text blasts approved by the regulating agency are properly identified and do not carry 11-digit numbers.

9 replies:

michymichymoo said...

I do hope this will lessen, if not completely diminish the spam messages I receive daily. Thank goodness my phone allows me to block spam numbers, but there would always be a new number texting me every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you know have spam on your phone.

Michelle F.

Kath Rivera said...

I always receive this kind of text too. Mabuti na lang alam ko na spam yan and kawawa yung mga nabibiktima

Gellie Abogado said...

I'm glad we can do that now. I used to receive tons of those messages when I was a Globe Post-Paid Subscriber and now been receiving in my Sun Post-Paid; but thank God none in my Smart.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

I had spam on my phone one that I think was coming from an app. Ugh. Hated it!

Animetric said...

Oh wow I get so many messages like this everyday I'm going to start reporting them yay!

Lexie Lane said...

Must be different in the U.S. because I really have only gotten one spam message ... ever. But this is good to know!

nelabratinella said...

My husband is a Globe postpaid subscriber. He receives a minimum of 5 spam messages everyday. It really annoys him especially when he's at work. Aside from those spam messages, he had received calls from different numbers saying they're from Caritas Manila. I'm glad they came up with this. I'm going to tell my husband about this service. Thanks a lot for the info. :)

Unknown said...

That's awesome someone is taking a stand against text spam. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with that problem. Fingers crossed, it doesn't start up more and more!