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Spotlight | Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Healthy Lotion.

Last week, I had the honor of receiving this wonderful gift from Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (Thanks Sara and Reby for this surprise!) It's a box filled with Human Heart Nature goodies - some of their newest products that were launched during the last Magalogue Turnover.
L-R: 100% Natural Healthy Lotion, 100% Natural Day Moisturizer,
Natural Feminine Wash in Powder Cool, 100% Natural Kids Bath Soap.
I'll be featuring every single one of these products, starting with the 100% Natural Healthy Lotion. I've been using it since the day this box arrived at my place and I must say, I am loving this new Blossom Beauty variant a lot. It comes in a refreshing fruity floral scent that's not too mild and not too strong. Plus the scent lingers on the skin for hours. I actually find the Blossom Beauty better than the other two variants of the Natural Healthy Lotion.
100% Natural Healthy Lotion in 200mL and 50mL bottles.
Like its predecessors - the Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight variants - this new product contains no harmful chemicals, no parabens, no mineral oil, and no synthetic fragrances.
Blossom Beauty.
But what gives this new lotion the edge is that it's packed with twelve, yes twelve of nature's best nutrients and antioxidants. These are: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B9, B12, C, E, K, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and zinc. That's quite a lot, huh?
Remember, all lotions can moisturize.
But not all of them are healthy! 
But wait, there's more! (I sound like an ad from the Home Shopping Network, hahaha!)
This lotion also contains soybean oil that protects your skin from harmful UV rays and a 24-hour moisture booster from sugarcane compound. Not to mention the already remarkable all-natural blend of aloe vera leaf juice and sunflower and avocado oils that locks in moisture and makes the skin soft, smooth, and beautifully radiant.
All natural, cruelty-free. :)
Its thin and runny-like consistency allows for easy absorption and doesn't leave the skin with a greasy, heavy feel. It's the kind of lotion that you'd want to use even on a hot, summer day. (Of course I know it's already autumn in most parts of the globe and the days are getting colder and all.)
Runny, but non-sticky.
What I love:
- Made with all-natural ingredients.
- Contains no harmful chemicals.
- Cruelty-free.
- Proudly Philippine-made.
- Fruity, floral scent that lingers on the skin.
- Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.
- Softens, smoothes, and moisturizes the skin.
- Feels light on the skin.

What you might not like:
- This is an organic product, so no SPF.
- I know there are people who are allergic to soy. Be wary, as this contains soybean oil.

The Blossom Beauty 100% Natural Healthy Lotion comes in two sizes - 50mL (Php 64.75) and 200mL (Php 199.75), and can be purchased online, through registered dealers, or at local branches nationwide. Oh, and yes, Human Heart Nature is available in the United States, too! :)

15 replies:

MikiHope said...

I have never heard of this brand and am not sure that it is sold in the United States-or if they will ship to the US. I think I might prefer a thinner consistency lotion as it would be easier to spread over the body. If I ever see it around I will pick it up and try it.

ReviewsSheRote said...

I never knew soy oil was good for your skin.

Kero said...

I was able to try Human Nature shampoo during last Pinas vacay and the scent was amazing!

We really ought to patronize all organic Filipino products. Thanks for sharing their new range!

Kero said...

I was able to try Human Nature shampoo during last Pinas vacay and the scent was amazing!

We really ought to patronize all organic Filipino products. Thanks for sharing their new range!

Beauty by Tellie said...

So curious to find out what it smells like. I am amazed with local, organic products! They're very good quality :)

Unknown said...

I have never heard of this but I did notice that their main ingredient was water, making the consistency thinner and I am sure better for your skin. I have to be so careful with those "natural" products, those are the ones that break out my skin the most. :(

Animetric said...

I love the Human Nature Feminine Wash, I always buy the blue variant with chamomile. I'm not a lotion person but I love the packaging of that lotion! :D said...

I love human nature products. Very safe sa skin ang products nila plus mura pa :)

Unknown said...

This seems like such a good lotion! Too bad it doesn't have SPF. That would have made it perfect. At least you can use this no matter your skin type! :)

Unknown said...

This looks like a really nice lotion!

Franc said...

I think this one's better than the regular ingredients because it's all natural.

Lexie Lane said...

It's very difficult to find a lotion with no mineral oil. I could go on about it but this is your blog of course. This sounds like such a good product. I will bookmark this as one to get. Thanks!

Gen-zel said...

I'm a fan of HHN since college. I order from my classmate. good thing that HHN is also in Robinsons' Supermarket na but not all their products are there. For makeups, I go to Beauty Bar. This lotion seems interesting and the packaging is nice :) said...

I hope all their products will be available in Landmark and other stores. I love soy, I am sure my skin will love it too. :)

Tetcha said...

Human Nature products have recently become available at Robinsons Supermarket, and every time I do my grocery shopping, I always check for new HN products to try. I love their Cool Burst all natural spray sanitizer and their Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. I'd like to try this Healthy Lotion, too.