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Everything Zen.

Two weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to go to the spa and get a massage. And I say rare because 'me-time' is a little difficult to come by when you're a work-at-home mom, especially when're the only one who does the chores at home and have no one else to look after your child.

But thanks to my 'balikbayan' cousins, who were in town for a quick vacation and practically took Yue wherever they went, I had the chance to pamper myself a bit at Lake Zen The Medical Spa.

Fairly new in the business, Lake Zen has been operational since March and is owned by the husband and wife team of Dr. Cathy Villero, an OB-Gyn, and Dr. Reden Villero, an orthopedic surgeon.

I guess it's their professions that inspired them to open a spa such as theirs. After all, a spa can only be called a 'medical spa' if it is operated under the supervision of a medical doctor. (In their case, it's doctors.)
Also, what sets a medical spa apart from the traditional day spas is that the former not only offers rest and relaxation, but also focuses on long-term healing and beautifying treatments that require a doctor’s expertise.
At the waiting area of Lake Zen.
Some of the services offered by Lake Zen include traditional massages (e.g. full body massage, hot stone massage, reflexology), treatment massages (e.g. pregnancy massage, infertility massage, baby massage), and aesthetical procedures such as facials and slimming massage. They also offer hand and foot spas, manicure and pedicure - with nail art, even.
Isn't this cute? :)
I went for the Traditional Full Body Massage (Php 250), which lasted for one hour. I forgot to tell the spa consultant beforehand that I would like Moroccan Rose Oil (additional Php 50 for essential oils) to be used for my massage - my bad. And to think their collection of oils were impossible to miss as they were just sitting in the counter, lol.
Essential oils, take your pick.
Oh well, there is always a next time. After that pleasant first visit to Lake Zen - with their warm and accommodating staff plus the soothing and relaxing massage - I will definitely be coming back for another round of R&R. The curious cat in me is dying to try their Slimming Massage (Php 400), so I might give that a try the next time I visit.

Oh, and I heard that Lake Zen has a lot of stuff happening this July. They've announced that they'll be expanding, so I guess that's additional floor area to accommodate more customers and to cater to bigger spa parties. They'll also be launching their Loyalty Card, with a special treat for its repeat customers. Now that, I want. Haha!

For updates on promos and special spa packages, like Lake Zen The Medical Spa's official Facebook page.

Lake Zen The Medical Spa
GMC II Bldg, Unit 4 20 Barleta St., 
San Pablo City, Laguna
(049) 5736744/ 0922-8871513/ 0906-3544800

11 replies:

melandriaonline said...

sounds really interesting and feels like a relaxing place, i love spa and dying to go and relax

Christy G said...

I love going to the spa, shhh don't tell my husband. I love the pampering.

Unknown said...

Those bottles of scented oil reminds me to buy some AA battery for my Glade sense and smell thingy. Kelangan mabango ang bahay for tomorrow's party. Hehe.

Chris said...

seems like a truly relaxing place. hope to be able to visit it someday!

Unknown said...

you got me at P400 slimming spa until i saw the clinic's address! ack, Laguna??? hahaha

Franc said...

This looks ok as you have a choice on which oil you want and they even have a slimming treatment.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

seems like a perfect place for relaxing.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

seems like a perfect place for relaxing.

Unknown said...

spa, love that word. I bought some bottles of massage oils because my gf is a great massage therapist. hehe, hope to find some of that in the store.

Animetric said...

Slimming massage does sound interesting! I would try that if this were near me too. :)

Badet Siazon said...

Full body spa for only 250? One of the advantages of living in the province sis, =)