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Win a Date with SHINee!

Shawols, are you ready for this? This noona is spazzing as this post goes live! :)

KBS World and LG are giving seven - that's right, seven - international fans this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a date with Jonghyun and Key of SHINee! Winners will also have the chance to appear on KBS World Program - how chongmal daebak (totally awesome) is that?!

Also included in the prize package are round-trip tickets to Korea, travelers' insurance, accommodation, transportation, and meals for the duration of the filming. That's a five-day, four-night experience in Korea!

If you're aged 19 and up, and a huge fan of SHINee, this is an opportunity you wouldn't wanna miss! Full details of this contest can be found here.

1 replies:

Kjbikakis said...

OMG I WANT TO WIN!! )): I can't even apply because i'm not 19 though TT TT CURSE YOU AGE FOR ONLY BEING 18 grrr