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Benefit Erase Paste vs Dark Undereyes.

Having read so many positive reviews about this product piqued my curiosity. A lot.
I've said it time and again that I have the most unsightly underyes ever. They get even more hideous, thanks to my insomnia and Kdrama addiction. After reading all the good points of this product from other bloggers, I wanted to give the Benefit Erase Paste a try.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of becoming the first mommy blogger to collaborate with Stuff in Style - an online haven of cosmetics and beauty products. Mommy Windy, the mompreneur behind this successful online store, sent products for me to try. Inside the package was an Urban Decay Ammo Eyeshadow Palette and this.

The Benefit Erase Paste - a brightening camouflage for eyes and face. Inside the box is a 4.40g bottle of the product and an instructional leaflet. From what I know, there's supposed to be a tiny spatula included, but I couldn't seem to find anywhere. Not sure if I dropped it on the bedroom floor while opening the package, or if the spatula wasn't there to begin with.

The spatula is meant for scooping out the Erase Paste. And you know I'm too fond of jar-contained products, but ottoke? (Korean, 'what to do?') C'est ce que c'est - it is what it is. :)

In lieu of the spatula, I made use of my concealer brush instead. Using this is better than the spatula, I reckon, because the slightest dab of the brush ends are enough to get this much Erase Paste. From what I've read, the spatula tends to scoop out a bit too much than what you really need. 

The shade I'm using is No.2 Medium, by the way. There are two other shades available - No. 1 Fair and No. 3 Deep. The Erase Paste is creamy and concentrated, but very easy to blend.

And you can refer to the 'lesson' for instructions on how to apply. Now watch as the Erase Paste does it magic. From this fresh-from-the-shower, eyebag-screaming face...

Apply the Erase Paste on those horrible undereyes.

Blend, blend, blend... and voila!

Dark undereyes, uneven skin tone, eyebags erased! :)

What I love:
- Cute packaging
- The instructional leaflet
- Highly concentrated
- The littlest amount does the trick
- It works!!!

What you might not like:
- It comes in a jar.
- The price. It may seem too steep considering how small the jar is, but then again, it's worth the money. :)

The Erase Paste sells for Php 1150 only at Stuff in Style.
Other US-brand cosmetics such as Urban Decay, Smashbox, MAC, Nars, Revlon, and Maybelline are also available. Baby products in-store, too!

15 replies:

kumiko mae said...

erase paste is a really great concealer :D

Unknown said...

i havent tried this product yet. i have dark and puffy eyebags and my current concealer does the magic. if i find this better than what i am using right now, i might switch ;)

Eunice said...

Erase Paste is one of Benefit's products which I truly love! Like Lemon Aid, it can remove signs of a sleepless night. Lol. =)


Tetcha said...

The product really works! Now I know how to erase dark undereyes. Thanks for the info!

Animetric said...

Oh my I need this because I have really bad undereye circles and I'm always keeping an eye out for good concealers. :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

looks like this is one those products that I need!

Sumi Go said...

I want to try this! I don't mind my puffy eyes, but I want to lessen the dark circles. Will definitely try this when I have some moolah to spare.. :)

The Purple Doll

Unknown said...

I like the effect, sis! I'm having second thoughts on using this though, kc pinaghirapan kong maigi ang mga eyebags ko...hahah!! J/king aside, I'mma gonna' look for this product! Yay!!!

The Budget Diet said...

When we woke up yesterday, my husband said, "I think we're getting old...look at our eyes." Sounds like it's time to defy mother nature with Erase Paste! Great before & after pics!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Wow that's a great before and after example of the product. Don't you hate it when you lose a part. You'll hear where you lost it next time you vacuum ;-)

Unknown said...

It does look really good. What a great niche you have of trying all of these fun products!:) One thing I'd like to know on it, and that happens to me, is when I use a concealer, the darkness increases, and it's like the chapstick thing, where you have to keep using it more. You know what I mean?

mail4rosey said...

It does make a big difference. I wouldn't have noticed under your eyes in the before picture, on a normal day (you just look great all of the time!), but in the context of the post, you really could see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this, it looks really good! thanks for the review!

Karen Dawkins said...

I use a cucumber to refresh my face and love reflective minerals to dab in the corner of my eyes. This paste might be easier.

Unknown said...

Hi sis I guess u should try the "deep" color. Medium is too light for you and your bags that is why it turned out grayish.. I have a fair skin yet serious undereye circles like yours and the sephora lady matched me with deep.. at first I was hesistant as I am fair skinned but it REALLY hid my circles and blended into my skin!