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Happy Caity’s Kids’ Style Blog Giveaway and Contest!

My daily bloghopping routine has landed me to a really cute blog, with a great giveaway to boot. I'm talking about Happy Caity and her ongoing contest giveaway.

Joining is pretty easy. All you need is a Paypal account, a blog, Facebook account, Twitter, and GFC to be able to participate. And I'm pretty sure most of my fellow bloggers have all of these ready.

Next, participants should blog about the giveaway, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. The blog post must contain the link to, the contest badge code, and the sponsors’ links code. Here are the sponsors for this giveaway:

Now check out the prizes:

1st prize = $50 Paypal credits
2nd prize = $30 Paypal credits
3rd prize = $20 Paypal credits
4th prize = 1 month ad space @ The Jagged Barn
5th prize = 1 month ad link @ Ideas n Pink

Contest runs until December 20, 2011 EST. Not many days left, so hurry! :)

Happy Caity's Kids' Style Blog Giveaway and Contest

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