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Smart Shopper, and the Start of Something Smokin'.

I said I love makeup, right? But here's the thing. While I've been wearing makeup for the longest time (I was already using mascara and lipgloss back in high school), I never really paid much attention to how makeup should be worn. Back then, I was content with just pressed powder, concealer, lipstick, and using just one shade of eyeshadow. No more, no less. That is, until this baby came along.

It's a Profusion Eye Glaze set, which I got as a present from Tita Mac of SmartShopper. I ordered a pair of Onitsuka Tigers from her last year, and this makeup was sent as a freebie. 

I almost always receive makeup items as freebies each time I buy something from her. Tita Mac is pretty much aware how much of a kikay I am, because she's seen my vanity plastered all over my Facebook page. LOL.

Seeing the shades in this palette, I knew it was meant for the 'smokey eye' look. I was never fond of dark makeup before, thinking that it does not suit me. But then again, you'll never really know unless you give it a try. 

So I Googled smokey eye, read makeup blogs, watched makeup demo videos, and experimented with the stuff I have at home. The next thing I knew, I was putting on BB cream, lining my eyebrows, wearing liquid eyeliner - all those stuff that were not part of my usual makeup routine. And as it turns out, smokey eyes suit me, after all. 

I love the transition from dark to light, and the drama that goes with it. Plus the fact that attention is drawn to my eyebrow ridge and not my (dark) undereyes. Haha!

With that, I now take makeup matters seriously - which also means an extra thirty minutes has been added to my already one hour prep time. I've already gotten complaints from my son (Mommy, ang tagal mo naman magbihis! Gusto ko na umalis ng bahay!) and my Mum (Jusko anak, saan ba ang shooting mo? Aabay ka ba ngayon?), but my husband has only praises for it. So I guess it's all good.

Quick tip: Opposites together. 
Dark eyeshadow + light lipstick. Light eyeshadow + dark lipstick. 
Never match dark with dark unless you're acting in a stage play. :)

Great makeup finds? Items from US websites? Check out Smart Shopper now! :)

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