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How to Care for Your Ruby Jewellery.

Are you a proud owner of a ruby jewellery? This gem is an everlasting symbol of passion and love, along with being one of the strongest gemstones provided by Mother Earth.

Nevertheless, the only way to preserve its lustre and beauty is by cleaning it regularly and maintaining its condition. Since rubies are hard, grime and dirt easily accumulate on their surface and cloud their appearance. Owners can clean them with soapy water or with the help of an ultrasonic cleaner. The tips below will help you care for your beloved ruby pieces.

Ruby looks good on IU.

Clean it with soapy water
The first tip to take into account when caring for your ruby jewellery is cleaning it with soapy water. Make sure you fill a small container or bowl with lukewarm water and add a few drops of liquid soap, labelled as gentle. You should leave the jewellery pieces to soak between fifteen and twenty minutes. In case you are cleaning multiple pieces at once, remember not to overcrowd the container.

After leaving them to soak for a while, you are supposed to eliminate the grime. A soft brush or cloth is the tool you need to loosen up any dirt or debris from the gemstone. Make sure not to scrub overly hard and go deep between crevices to prevent rubies from becoming unsecured. Click here to gain a better understanding of the physical properties, occurrence, mining, and treatment of rubies.

Soapy water will do.

The following step is adding the jewellery back to the bowl with water. Prior to doing so, you should inspect the stones to see how much cleaning is still left to do. If rubies look clean and shiny, you should swish them around in the bowl with water one more time for the remaining dirt to be eliminated.

In case your jewellery is still dirty, you should fill your bowl with water once again and leave the piece to soak before giving them one last scrub. The final step is drying your rubies with a dry cloth, which is lint-free and then letting them dry fully before storing them.

Invest in an ultrasonic cleaner
The next tip to follow if interested in proper care of your ruby jewellery is to make an investment in an ultrasonic cleaner. These devices maintain the shine and sparkle of jewellery pieces by using sound waves of high frequency combined with cleaning solutions. Soft gems aren’t recommended to be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. Nevertheless, rubies are classified as hard gems with nine points on the Mohs scale.

The budget you’ll need for making such an investment is between £40 and £150. Since there are no special cleaners designed specifically for rubies, you should pick the right size and features. Ultrasonic cleaners enable individuals to keep their Ruby jewellery shiny and sparkly. By choosing a cleaner with a timer, your cleaning experience will be stress-free, as you’ll just need to choose the desired time and set the device.

High-end ultrasonic cleaners include steamers, hence offering an additional cleaning level. This feature makes sure gemstones are super shiny and clean. You should analyze the instructions to check if the device requires a cleaning solution to run. Most models operate at 42,000 hertz, while some ultrasonic cleaners offer multiple settings.

Keep your rubies shiny and sparkly!

Prior to putting your jewellery inside the ultrasonic cleaner, you should check its conditions for fractures. If it’s filled with fractures, it isn’t regarded as safe to use in such a device. Get in touch with your jeweller to ensure your piece is untreated. If so, rubies are strong enough to withstand the cleaning process.

The same isn’t true for pearls, ambers, and opals, which are too delicate. Precious metals like platinum and gold are safe to clean in such devices. After considering the precautions, you can make your own solution by adding hot water and several drops of dishwashing liquid to the cleaner’s tank. Those who don’t wish to make a solution on their own should purchase a non-toxic solution for gem cleaning.

Once you put the solution in the tank, you need to let it run for five to ten minutes in order to mix it before using the device. The following step is adding your ruby jewellery into the cleaner, but you should add no more than a few pieces to avoid scratches. Then, you should run the device for up to twenty minutes, depending on the jewellery’s dirtiness. If cleaning the stones for the first time, opt for a shorter timeframe and prolong it if necessary.

It’s important not to remove the rubies immediately after the cleaner stops running. Let them sit inside for five to ten minutes before removing them. If there is any loose grime or dirt on them, they’ll fall to the bottom of the tank. Once you take the pieces out, use a soft brush to scrub them gently and dry them with a lint-free rag. See this URL,, for some tips on cleaning different types of jewellery, according to experts.

Maintain its radiance
The best way to maintain your ruby jewellery radiance is by doing the necessary actions to protect it. When using harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies, you should avoid wearing such rings. Also, you need to keep the stones away from dirt, dust, makeup, and other types of grime. Ruby jewellery should be taken off before heading to the gym, lifting furniture, working with some tools, etc. The stone can easily get knocked.

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Despite taking the necessary precautions, you are advised to inspect your stones for damage regularly. If you wear your pieces on a daily basis, don’t forget to check them for scratches, nicks, and loose setting parts. Regarding storage, make sure to store your precious pieces away from other rings, necklaces, and earrings to prevent scratching. If possible, store them in a separate section of your jewellery box.

To sum up
Rubies have the potential to last a lifetime as long as you protect them from abrasive products and chemicals!

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