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Food and Fun at CulinarySchools.Org!

After the crazy week that was (aka exam week), Yue and I finally get to enjoy some free time as his school finally declared this week to be "Academic Ease" week - no synchronous classes in the morning, and no offline activities or school projects. That means not having to set my alarm at 6 in the morning, plus plenty of time for me to catch up on my writing backlog and watch my favorite Korean variety shows and Kdramas.

For Yue, this will be a week of no studying and just pure gaming fun, haha! With a new gaming console and an upgraded computer processor, this kid is bound to enjoy his "Academic Ease" week to the fullest. He's even discovered a new website with a huge collection of online games, and that's what keeping him busy right now.

We chanced upon while searching for a temperature and weight conversion chart for his Science class, and as it turns out, this website offers more than just conversion charts and health calculators. is also a comprehensive source of information of all things related to culinary arts - from the types of chefs, to different degrees and majors, to schools where you can get top-class culinary training... this website has it all!

For the kids, has an extensive collection of online games related to food and cooking, because well, we gotta start 'em young! I'm sure even adults will find (some of) the games fun and entertaining, because I did! Here are some of the games that both Yue and I enjoyed:

Tap Supermarket.

Tap Supermarket is an isometric game where the player manages a grocery store by manning the till and checking out customers, restocking products, and expanding the line of goods sold. You can unlock new sections of the supermarket as you earn more money and get more stars.

Sushi Matching.

Sushi Matching, as the name suggests, is a matching game where you connect three or more of the same type of sushi in a row. There are 25 levels in this game, and for each level, there are specific sushi matches that you need to make within a time limit. The faster you finish, the more likely you'll earn three stars for that level.

Victor and Valentino Mission to Monte Cabre.

There's also Victor and Valentino Mission to Monte Cabre (yes, the same Victor and Valentino from the Cartoon Network series), where you explore and complete missions in Monte Cabre and the Underworld. You go through obstacle courses, answer quiz questions, smash pinatas, and try to find as many hidden talismans as you go along.

We Bare Bears Shush Ninjas.

Another Cartoon Network game that we truly enjoyed is the We Bare Bears Shush Ninjas, because yeah, I'm a sucker for anything We Bare Bears. Inspired by the Shush Ninjas episode from the first season of this well-loved animated series, you simply tap on the loud eaters and drinkers, and those using or talking on their phones to shush them and keep them from making too much noise inside the cinema. 

3D Dalgona Candy.

Finally, there's the 3D Dalgona Candy, a punch-out game inspired by no less than the critically-acclaimed Netflix series, Squid Game. The rule of the game might seem like a no-brainer as you simply have to cut out the carved symbols in the candy, but playing the game was actually quite challenging. It took me five tries before I could finish the first level, and that was a simple square! Thank goodness this game is not as violent as the series, haha!

Younger kids will have even more fun with as the website has more games that are suitable for preschoolers and grade schoolers. These games are not only entertaining, they also help kids learn more about food, healthy eating, the importance of exercise, and even numbers and counting. It's a great way to spend "Academic Ease" week, don't you think? 

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