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How to Get Your Garden Winter Ready.

With some of us looking forward to Winter and some not, the fact remains that the seasons are changing, Summer is leaving us for a few months and we will be visited by her colder sister, Winter, at the end of the year. Preparing your gorgeous garden for the upcoming cold Winter months can be as easy as following these few steps below.

Dreamy winter in Seoul.

Borderline Perfect
Maintain your borders and trim back those hedges. Remove any dead plants, leaves or trimmings to ensure a clean and well-maintained space. Many annuals will now be done with their showing and should also be removed to neaten up your surrounding area.

Soul Soil
There has never been a better time to empty out your compost cupboard or heap. Now is the perfect time to use that well decomposed organic material and spread it all over your soil to keep it safe for Spring. This is the best time to add compost to your soil as it has time to breakdown and release all the nutrients over the next few months to make your soil ready for Spring. This will also help your garden by keeping it nutrient rich and looking good during the icy months ahead. You can then start filling up your composting areas for the next year.

Your garden can still be picture perfect even in freezing temperature.

Repair and Revive
Use this time to fix up any garden structure that may need a bit of TLC. Keep an eye on pest infestations present and deal with them accordingly. Fix up any sections of your garden swing, fence, or greenhouse that may need a little maintenance. Patch up any paint work on planters, water features or benches or find lovely new ones at Outdoor Art Pros.

Plant Protection Plan
Move any delicate and fragile plants to a more shielded and protected place for the Winter. If you have a greenhouse or a conservatory, this would be first prize. For plants or trees that cannot be relocated to a warmer environment, wrap a fleece around their trunks. Spread a thick protective layer of mulch around these plants to protect them from the bitter frosty months.

Flowers to beautify your winter garden.

Winter Friends
With the rush of family and Christmas coming up, you may not be going out into your garden as much in Winter, but the wildlife still is so do not forget to leave out feeders at different levels for different animals. Wait a while before you deadhead or trim any plants, your garden friends will thank you. These will be a much-needed source of food for them during the coldest time of the year.

Lawn Preparation
Prepare your lawn by with a spring-tine rake to remove any overgrowth, undergrowth or moss and allow your lawn to breathe clearly. Add some lawn food specially made for this period and have your lawn protected for the entire Winter season.

Snow Alert
Remain vigilant during the coldest parts of Winter, especially during snowfall periods. Dust off the snow while it is still soft and give your plants and trees the best chance of coming out of this next season in the best shape possible.

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