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Guide on SMP: How Scalp Micropigmentation Works.

There’s nothing wrong with having no hair. In fact, a lot of people look really cool without a single strand of hair, and it especially fits tall men with muscular contextures. A lot of people might want to add a little more to their appearance, that’s when SMP comes into play.

Saitama aka One Punch Man.

SMP stands for Scalp Micropigmentation, but some people know it as a hair tattoo. Simply put, this is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on providing an illusion of recently cut hair, which for completely bald people or people with bald spots might consider an incredible solution.

In some people, results are incredibly effective and provide a lot of personality to their style. It can also fix some of their bald spots and provide a sense of texture that fixes most of their worries. Overall, this procedure is taken by those who are wanting to improve their looks and cut themselves some slack about their physical appearance and how their hair/head looks.

It’s completely okay to want to change your body for the better. And being insecure about bald spots and baldness is a completely valid reason to try this out. No one but yourself should decide whether the process is worth it or not, but knowing a little more about it will help you make a decision. 

How It Works

There’s a similar procedure that focuses on providing full brows, and it’s known as Microblading. The difference is that SMP is done on the scalp and uses a different equipment: an electrical tattoo device.

The reasoning is simple: the skin of your scalp is much thicker and resistant than the skin in your eyebrows, so instead of using a blade-like material like the one used in Microblading, Micropigmentation requires a much stronger device.

And as you might have expected… It might (or might not) hurt. It all depends on several factors, like how skillful and careful the professional is or how high your pain tolerance is. Just psych yourself beforehand and expect slight pain or discomfort during the process. Get to know more about it over here and learn how the process works

If you are planning to have this procedure done, you should research for SMP artists near your area or clinics that have this service in their list, and look for reviews. Reviews allow you to know more about the service you want to hire without spending any money.

SMP artists and clinics usually have social media accounts or websites where people can comment about their services, and you can even check the store in Google Maps for more information and reviews about them.

Once you have decided on a clinic or artist, it is best that you schedule a consultation so you can ask questions regarding the procedure to know if the process is favorable for you or your condition. Some people suffer from skin conditions that are not favorable for electrical tattoo devices

Most of the time, SMP clinics and artists will provide enough information to prepare yourself before consultation and before any of your scheduled treatments.

The most common recommendations include showering before any scheduled date and making sure your scalp is dealt with thoroughly. After a session, you won’t be able to clean your scalp or sweat, because it can ruin the ink work.

You’ll have to be prepared for 3 or 5 hours long sessions and be ready to take care of the ink work as much as possible. Just so you know, tattoos are very sensitive when they are finished, and since this procedure is also considered a type of tattoo, you’ll have to take care of it as if it was one.

The Recovery
After all sessions have been completed, you’ll have to undergo a period of recovery that usually goes for 1 month. Sweat, excessive water, pools, and steam are absolutely forbidden during this time. You should also avoid the sun as much as possible. If necessary, apply sunscreen to protect your skin and tattoo.

You’ll also have to apply a moisturizing cream to help your skin recover faster and clean the area from dirt and bacteria.

Is It Worth It?
It depends on who you are asking. This non-surgical process can cost from $300 to $1000 USD depending on where you ask, and of course, the more expensive it is, usually correlates to how skillful the artist is and how safe and trusty they’ve become as time passes by.

To decide whether it’s worth it or not, you have to consider that this procedure is known for being semi-permanent. Meaning that it lasts from 5 to 8 years depending on how well the person treats it and takes care of it. As time passes by, the colors will start to fade away, so it’ll be less noticeable along the way.

Saitama with hair?!

Possible Risks
Most of the time, the problems related to tattoos are linked to bad hygiene practices by the tattoo artists, allergic reactions, and of course, poor recovery management. If you take poor care of the wound and don’t follow the recommended steps, don’t use the right products, or don’t follow the rules provided by your professional, you’ll probably end up suffering some of the possible side-effects, with infections being the most common one.

As long as you do things right and choose an honest, serious professional, you’ll be fine. Just make sure to take proper care of your scalp! If you want to make sure you are hiring a professional that is adequate for the job, you can check reviews, but also make questions regarding past experiences, and depending on the way they answer or how many customers they’ve had, then you can make your decision. I advise you to check clinics and artists who have a portfolio in their social media or websites, so you can survey their previous works and see if they fit your needs. 

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