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Socially Distanced Vacation Ideas.

COVID-19 threw a wrench in everyone’s travel plans. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get your travel in without putting you or your adored ones at risk. Don’t let your vacation go astray this year by booking a private vacation, enjoying the great outdoors or venturing out on the sea.
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Private Vacation
The travel industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Trying to travel without risking exposure is a major challenge, that feels all but impossible. However, you can book spots, like North Carolina beachfront rentals, Airbnb or Vrbo and even some hotels, that offer socially distanced vacation options. These locations allow you to travel with the people in your home and enjoy time away from home. Take your family to enjoy the ocean waves, bird watch or enjoy some BBQ at a private location. Wherever you go, you can rest at ease knowing you are both safe and still being responsible.
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Outdoor Adventure
If a private location is a bit out of your price range consider great outdoors. Let Mother Nature serve as a natural barrier between you and others by getting out and exploring. Consider booking an RV or packing your tent and heading to a campground near your local national park. From there, you can stay a safe 6-feet away from your fellow camping neighbors and use your car to move to avoid any unnecessary exposure. Wherever you go, be sure to stock up on food and supplies beforehand so that you can limit the amount you go into stores. This will allow you to be responsible without missing the vacation.
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Sea Fun
Finally, if you have been missing the seas, but are too anxious to book a cruise, consider a private boat charter. There is nowhere better to social distance than the great open seas. Find a boat that fits your group size, and set out to enjoy some tranquility. To help you fill your days, consider packing some fishing lines. You may be able to pull up some amazing deep-sea fish to give your vacation a delicious boost. Before you book, take the time to think about how long you will go for and what your needs will be while out on the water, you won’t want to turn back to shore before you are done. No matter where you go, be responsible, wear a mask and have an amazing time.

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