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Staycation Ideas in Metro Manila.

It can be said that staycations became prevalent when people became super busy with life. Suddenly, no one has the luxury of time to come up with a full-on itinerary anymore. Add to this the costly airfare and accommodation rates. At least with staycations, all you need is a place to chill and spend the night with loved ones. Where you can rest and experience an extra comfortable home while enjoying fun activities with your favorite people. Especially in this rainy season, when going to the beach doesn’t sound exciting due to the sun’s absence.
Yes to staycations!
Staycations are easy to plan – you can compare prices online and think of indoor activities good for all ages if it’s with the whole family. You can choose the best location depending on the things you look forward to whether it is food, night life, or an event nearby. The whole planning can be done remotely! If you’re about to get onto it, here are some staycation ideas:
The Gramercy Residences.
The Gramercy Residences
An affordable staycation option, The Gramercy Residences features a New York-inspired luxury tower. Young professionals and tourists alike stay here to relax for its Instagram-worthy location. You can enjoy the infinity pool with a great view of the Makati skyline at the 36th floor. Other than this, they also have a kiddie pool, lap pool, and steam room and sauna for men and women. You can book a room via Zen Rooms or Airbnb at 1,800 pesos.
Azumi Boutique Hotel.
Azumi Boutique Hotel
Here you can enjoy an infinity pool with a pool bar with the Alabang cityscape in the view. Guests prefer this hotel because interestingly, the pool is salt water and free of chlorine. Definitely good for your skin! Azumi Boutique Hotel is a good choice for those looking for a unique experience.
As for the rooms, Azumi Boutique Hotel is modern and eco-friendly. Its rooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow natural light inside. You'll find it at the Madrigal Business Park, close to some of the famous retail & dining options in Alabang. Rates start at 2,300 pesos.
I'M Hotel.
I’M Hotel
Looking for a 5-star hotel in Makati? I’M Hotel has an iconic acrylic-bottomed infinity pool - meaning, you can actually see the bottom of the pool! As a guest, you may also see the lobby area while at the pool, so this is a good thing if you're waiting for someone to arrive. The poolside features murals and lounge chairs. There are also colorful bird cages and sun lounges in the pool area itself. In total, there are 400 rooms and 182 suites in I'm Hotel. Indulge in a club lounge, the Onsen spa (considered the largest spa in Manila), and an upmarket food hall with a variety of dining options for 5, 600 pesos.
Discovery Primea.
Discovery Primea
In search of a good hotel at 7,000 pesos? Discovery Primea is another 5-star hotel in Ayala Avenue, Makati City. It also boasts a beautiful 20-meter infinity pool. After all, it wouldn't be a complete staycation without a nice pool! Discovery Primea has a bar/lounge, in-house restaurant, spa, as well as business and banquet facilities other than the elegant suites. To add, it is walking distance to Glorietta and Greenbelt malls for those who want to stroll, shop and eat in this business district. Worth your money!
Jade Hotel & Suites.
Jade Hotel & Suites
 Have at least 1,500 budget for your upcoming staycation? Jade Hotel & Suites is an affordable option in the expensive city of Makati. But, what are its bestselling points, you may ask? It has a 14-meter infinity pool on the roof deck with a view of the Makati skyline. Jade Hotel & Suites ensures their guests have access to everything they need during their stay.

They have more than 30 well-appointed rooms and sumptuous complimentary breakfast buffet for everyone. This hotel is also the best choice if you want to be 10 minutes away from Glorietta by car. So, you can have a quick trip at the mall, say, you forgot your swimsuit! You can also visit some cheap eateries in the vicinity. Best of both worlds, they say.

Have you ever heard of an unhappy staycation story? Never, right? It is always a happy ending! Quality time and great memories you’d want to go back and do all over again. So, what are you waiting for? Get a pen, paper, calculator, and plan that staycation with your loved ones for the coming weekends and holidays!

19 replies:

Emily Fata said...

Oh my goodness, this looks like a dream getaway! Though I've never yet been to Manila myself, I'd love to visit one day.

Kuntala’s Diary said...

I have sincerely never planned for Manila. But yer if I do your post will be very useful as you have nicely detailed out the hotels

Owen G said...

Manila looks fantastic. It needs to be added to my bucket list. The options for staying over look great.

Laura said...

These look all like great places to stay and have vacation. Thank you for sharing.


Alexandra Cook said...

So many great places to enjoy staycation at Manila. Never been there buit will def add thiese hotels on my list.

Kalyan Panja said...

I would love to plan a weekend trip to Manila soon. Your photos and recommendations are making me want to visit this place now only and stay in these lovely looking hotels with such nice facilities..

Twinspirational said...

I'M hotel looks great.. They have so many rooms and suites and their sofa sets that looks like birg cages are so cool..!

may palacpac said...

Oooh, so Gramercy has a swimming pool pala. I wasn't sure at first. We were there for a friend's daughter's party but they didn't mention there's a pool included in the facility.

Life of Que said...

Yes to staycations! I want to book Discovery!

Juvy Ann Petilla said...

In Makati area we would normally choose hotels near the shopping areas. My boys' preferred hotels are Holiday Inn (with direct link to Glorietta) and Fairmont just a hop skip away Landmark.

berlin said...

Thank you for your list. Now, i have a reference na since I go for hotels and places na may review kesa dun sa magugulat ka how they accommodate guests.

Karen said...

Our next target for staycation is at Gramercy. The kids choose to stay there for a while maybe after the bed weather

Jhanis said...

Ang gaganda! Sana makabalik ako ng Manila. It has been a while!

tobringtogether said...

Ay bet ko to! Sakto kapag napabakasyon sa Pinas may reference list na! Thank you for sharing! ;)

Mommy Ruby said...

All of those hotel suggestions sounds amazing! Will keep this in mind for when I go visit Manila again.

Edel San said...

My hubby loves staycations. Will definitely show him this list. :)

Peachy said...

You have a great list. We've already stayed in I'm Hotel and it was awesome. Can wait to try the other hotels on this list.

One Proud Momma said...

I've tried 2 on your list and will definitely have a staycation on the rest :)

Mum Travels said...

Yes, staycation in Manila sounds like a good idea. There are just plenty to see and do and at the end of the day, you can stay in one of these lovely hotels! A win-win for the whole family. Hopefully, we can do that very soon! :)