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Romance for Senior Citizens | A Guide to Using Online Dating Sites.

The online dating thing has gone through various phases. First, there was a lot of societal stigma attached to it as people looked at it as something for promiscuous individuals. It has since moved from that stage and now enjoys greater acceptance though a lot of folks still don’t believe you can find true love via a website.

There are many testimonials to the contrary. In fact, one of the more popular dating sites, eHarmony claims that unions born from contacts made on its site accounts for about 550 weddings on a daily basis in the U.S.

A Stanford Sociologist, Michael Rosenfeld, who has spent years studying online dating also reports in an interview with Washington Post that the results gotten from these dating sites have been really encouraging.

Having established that there are immense merits that can be derived from online dating sites, we now want to look at two key areas that senior citizens need to be aware of when going on these sites. The first area we will look at has to do with the best way to achieve success on these sites while the second area we will look at is how to use these sites safely.
Yoo Dong Geun and Chang Mi Hee in Marry Me Now (2018).
How to Get Positive Results
Anyone who signs up to a dating site clearly has a goal in mind. Whatever this goal is, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for you to achieve said goal. Though we do not know what each person’s goal is, we at least know it has to do with finding and building new relationships so we will go ahead to look at general things you can do to get positive results.

Create a Killer Profile 
Your profile is what tells potential matches who you are and what you look like. While preparing your profile, one of the most important things to focus on is the picture you choose. Experts advice that you have some extra set of eyes looking over your picture choices. Let your friends choose the picture they think is best. You may just discover that it is not the one you thought was great.

Next, provide important information about yourself. While you cannot tell anyone everything about you even if you wanted to, there are certain things that are important, things that will affect how you relate with others.

For example, your interests, beliefs, sexual orientation etc. Make sure you include the very important details so that only those who share those interests will be matched to you.

Know What You Want 
Determining exactly what you want to get out of your time on these sites is critical. Are you looking for a fling or a long term relationship? When you know exactly what are you looking for it will be easier to search for it or identify it when you see it.

Things you should be specific about should include physical attributes, the location of possible matches, lifestyle, interests and other important points. State these clearly and ensure your matches meet them.

You could also choose to experiment with certain specifications like physical attribute, especially if you are not absolutely sure of what you want in that regard.
How to Avoid Dangers of Online Dating
When you are done setting up your profile and stating the kind of person you are looking to meet, you then need to know how to go about connecting with the matches that you get. There are clear and present dangers associated with online dating and the only way to avoid these dangers is to be aware of them and then guard against them.

In an article in Forbes, these dangers were discussed in some detail. You can find the article here:

To ensure you stay safe while using these sites, take note of the following:

Do Not Believe Everything You Read on the Profiles
When reading a profile, always remember that a large percentage of people do not tell the whole truth on their profiles. Some actually go as far as telling outright lies. Do not fall for profiles, simply regard them as a first step taken and that each claim has to be verified.

Avoid Giving Out Your Address Too Early
Do not be in a hurry to give out your home address. This is very unsafe. You should also not use your house phone for your initial calls since your home address can be gotten from this. You should only bring someone home when you are as sure as you can about them.

Have Your Initial Meeting in a Controlled Environment
When you do decide to meet, do not meet at any of your homes and certainly not in any other secluded place. Have your meeting in an open place where you have lots of other people.
Romance in the later years.
Carry Out Background Checks If You Can
While not everyone may be able to do this, it is something that can come in very handy so if you have access to doing a background check or can pay someone to do it for you, please do so.

Practice Safe Sex
After having related for some time you may feel you are ready to take it a step further. Great! You should however protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections by at least insisting on the use of protection.

Practically everything we have looked at above is affected by the quality of the dating site you choose to use. Your safety is better guaranteed by a reputable and well managed site. For suggestions on some dating sites that are great for senior citizens, check here.

In conclusion, we have agreed that dating sites can be effective if you choose the right one. We’ve also acknowledged that there are certain dangers associated with the use of these sites and have gone ahead to provide guidelines that can make them safer to use. With all the information you have received in this article, you have no reason as a senior to sit back and let life pass you by. You can still find love and romance in your old age. Take that bold step today and enjoy the rest of your life.

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