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Seoul Searching | 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + COEX C-Festival!

A few days before we flew back to Korea, Ms. Ana Park of Buhay Korea informed me that the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on May 3 at the COEX Mall. Most Kdrama and Kpop fans know how important this event is - it's the most prestigious arts awards in South Korea, given to the cast and production staff of TV programs and movies broadcast or shown during the previous year.

I was floored - not only because I will already be in Korea by then, but also because the venue is just a few subway stops away from where we live. I know the route like the palm of my hand!
The nominees of the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.
The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards experience after the jump!
And yes, it was surreal! :)
And so yesterday, after a quick visit to Bongeunsa Temple to light incense sticks for Buddha's birthday, Yue and I headed to COEX Mall for some (Hallyu) star spotting. The awards ceremony, held at Hall D of COEX Mall, was scheduled to start at 5 pm. Much as I wanted to watch the ceremony itself, I figured it will be difficult if I were to bring Yue along (and you all know Yue and I are always a pair whenever we got out and about in Seoul).
The South Gate lobby.
So instead of spending a fortune on tickets to the awards ceremony, we decided to just watch the red carpet arrivals, which was scheduled to start at 3:30 pm. Yue and I were able to secure a spot near the South Gate lobby, where the stars will enter and begin their 'red carpet walk'.
Excited fans eagerly waiting for their favorite stars.
When we arrived, the staff were still securing the area, while the press people were getting their equipment ready. We literally saw the red carpet unfold right before our very eyes!
Rolling out the red carpet!
I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw this!
As we waited, Yue kept himself pre-occupied and  played with Magformers at the Gymboree Playground, located at the east side of the lobby. This activity is part of Children's Experience Zone, one of the many activities included in the ongoing COEX C-Festival.
Gymboree Playground.
Yue doing what he does best!
He made a rocket ship!
Magformers display.
With the Magformers mascot.
When the clock hit 3:30 pm, the stars began to arrive. Everyone was in a frenzy, including me! It's not everyday that you get to see so many Korean actors and actresses in one place, and in close proximity at that! Taking pictures proved to be a challenge with the massive crowd and all, but I somehow managed to snap a photo of Park Bo Gum and Do Kyung Soo (more popularly known as D.O. of the boy group EXO).
We also saw Ji Soo, Jo Jung Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Go Eun, Ji Chang Wook, Park Bo Young, and of course Suzy, who hosted the awards ceremony. The red carpet arrivals lasted for about an hour or so, and most of the spectators dispersed as soon as the event was over. Some of the fans, however, wanted their moment of fame with the red carpet. Yue included. Haha!
Yue's Red Carpet moment.
Smile! :)
Before calling it a day, Yue and I checked out the other activities at the C-Festival. Beer was aplenty at the G20 Square (located near SM Town), where the Great Korean Beer Festival was being held. For a fee, you can enjoy a variety of craft beer and have the chance to meet the brewers themselves.
Photo credit: Work N Play.
On the East Square, people lined up at the food stalls of the Eat the Seoul event. More than 20 restaurants in Seoul are part of this event, including Shake Shack. I've been wanting to try their food since they opened here in Seoul, but the long line made me think otherwise.
Eat the Seoul. 
If you're in Seoul for the weekend, why not drop by COEX and enjoy the C-Festival? Aside from food and beer, they also have an outdoor stage where Kpop performances will be held. The Baeksang Arts Awards might be over, but you still stand a chance to see Kpop artists perform on stage.
C-Festival Outdoor Stage.
If you're a fan of the Kpop boy group Seventeen, now is the time to head over to COEX. They're the Honorary Ambassadors of this year's C-Festival, and will definitely be there to perform!

4 replies:

Eileen said...

Looks like an amazing experience for you and your boy. I have not listened to any KPoP Music yet but let me get to it and see. I know young girls go crazy over these boy bands and I am finding out why soon. :)

Xon said...

I didn't know about the awards, I think it's awesome that you got to see the stars entering the event though. That's pretty cool. I'm sure you and Yue had a great time walking around!

Unknown said...

What a fun filled day! It's nice to see that there are activities for the kids there too. I don't really know these Korean actors and actresses but I think it's pretty cool that you got to see them.

Julie Syl said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your little boy and hat a happy loking lil lad he is. Art does that to my children too!