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Seoul Searching | SMTown at COEX Artium!

For any Kpop fan, no trip to COEX (or Seoul, for that matter) would be complete without visiting SMTown - a sprawling, six-story hub of all things Kpop.
Hello, SMTown! We finally meet! :)
The huge 'SMTown' sign was actually the first thing that I noticed as we entered the premises of COEX Mall. And like a piece of metal attracted to a magnet, my feet just automatically took me there. My boys obviously had no choice but to follow suit. Haha!
Life-size versions of EXO Paper Toys.
Follow me to SMTown! Virtual tour after the jump! :)
Dubbed as 'Theme Park in the City', SMTown is a haven for fans of SM Entertainment artists - Super Junior, EXO, TVXQ, Shinee, and Girls Generation, to name a few. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Super Junior, so you can just imagine how delighted I am to finally set foot in this place.
Yue x Lay.
The first floor of SMTown is called the 'Welcome Zone', where you can feast your eyes and have your pictures taken with these life-size EXO Paper Toys.
Yue x Kai.
Shinee also has their own life-size paper toys, inspired by the '70s cult classic film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. It's the same concept used in 'Married to the Music', the repackaged version of their fourth studio album.
Because this noona loves Taemin.
Located on the second floor is SUM, the Celebrity Shop which sells official fan merchandise, souvenir items, and goods handpicked by SM artists themselves.
Making our way to the second floor!
The first thing that greeted me when we reached the second floor.
I was so happy! :)
EXO x SPAO standees near the shop entrance.
For instance, these Playnomore bags, often sported by Girls Generation Taeyeon in her 'airport fashion' photos. Don't be too shocked at the price tag; Playnomore is actually a designer brand that's popular even with Hallyu stars.
Taeyeon's Pick: Playnomore.
Of course, not all goods in this shop come with astronomical prices. Fan merchandise such as keyrings, pin buttons, photobooks, postcards and the like are within the 'affordable' range.
Find Heechul. :)
Photobooks and stationery.
Keyrings, card holders, albums.
I was initially disappointed with SUM's limited selection of CDs. Turns out they have a bigger selection at the fourth floor, where food and beverage products are also sold.
EXO Candy Jars. Yes, they have candy inside.
One thing I noticed about this store is that there are more EXO merchandise than all the other groups combined. I'm not surprised, with EXO's popularity and all.
The Paper Toy area. Yue badly wanted a Jonghyun.
He's been a fan since Ring Ding Dong, haha!
EXO Handkerchief, in collaboration Korean candy brand Yutts.
At the third floor is the Studio where you can learn how to sing and dance like your favorite Kpop star. You can also star in your favorite group's music video complete with costume, makeup, styling and all.
The halls are decked with photos of SME talents.
It comes with a fee of course and the price depends on the 'package' you chose.
Choi Siwon forever.
Package options include the Photo Package (hair and makeup + photoshoot), the Vocal Package (vocal training + recording), the M/V Package (dance training, hair and makeup + music video), and the Artist Package (all three packages combined).
Trophies and awards are also on display.
If you're happy with just touring the studio, you can simply avail the Tour Package that comes with a free commemorative photo. If I'm not mistaken, this package costs about 30000 won.  
Be a Kpop star for a day! :)
Moving on to the fourth floor, you will find the Liverary (not a typo, lol)
It's a cafe, art gallery, and souvenir shop all in one space.
Girls Generation.
Albums and photobooks line the shelves on one corner.
Bottles for decorative purposes only. Not for sale.
The cafe offers a variety of cakes, cupcakes, and macarons all with logos of the SM groups. They also have ice cream, candy mixes, and bottled drinks for sale.
Cupcakes, anyone?
Yes, even their ice cream bars have logos printed on it.
Super Junior Almond Ice Cream Bar, 6000 won.
Oh, and the popcorns sold at eMart? They have them here, too.
Popcorns galore!
Our tour of SMTown ended at this floor. We did not explore the fifth and sixth floor, since Yue was getting impatient, incessantly asking 'when do we go see the fishes'. And by that, he meant the COEX Aquarium
Currently showing at the Hologram Theatre.
From what I know, the fifth floor houses the Hologram Theatre where you can watch hologram musicals starring SM artists; and the Community Hall Interactive Amusement, a photozone which showcases lifesize 3D images of your favorite SM idol stars. The sixth floor, on the other hand, offers 3D Printing of your favorite SM artist. This floor also showcases the handprints of all SM talents.
Making our way down to the second floor.
I might consider watching at the Hologram Theatre next time I visit Seoul, that is if Super Show 6 is still playing. It would be much more fun if I have a friend/fellow ELF spazzing with me! Anybody else coming to Seoul this winter? Let's watch the show together! :)

To get to SMTown, take the Seoul Subway Line 2 and get off at Samseong Station, Exit 5 or 6. The station is directly connected to the mall, with entry at the Millenium Square.

SMTown at COEX Artium
513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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Shasha said...

omg the paper toys are so cute, the last time I visited seoul they didn't had it >_<

ETowns said...

I would love to visit, and so would my kids. Each floor is filled with great things to see and of course, to buy! I want popcorn right now!

Xon said...

I can see why a lot of fans love this place. There's really a lot of things to see and do. The food looks great as well. My cousins are going to love it here.

Rebecca Swenor said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time indeed and there was so much to see too. I would love to visit there some day. The Playnomore bags are something I am going to have to check out. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Unknown said...

I love Korean products and food too, especially Bibimbap! I want to go to this place, everything seems nice!

Unknown said...

This is a very nice place, I would love to go here. I am not familiar with Korean stuff but looks great products!