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Sneak Peek | Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Collection Season 2!

In my previous blog post, I gave you a glimpse of the Alice in Wonderland collection from Korean cosmetics brand Beyond. The limited edition collection was a big hit last year, and now the brand just outdid itself by launching a second edition of the very popular Alice in Wonderland collection!

Aptly named 'Alice in Blooming', this season's collection has a more feminine vibe with vibrant hues and floral prints. The products are practically screaming 'Spring is here'!
Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Season 2!
Let's go down the rabbit hole and take a look at what's in store!
Sneak peek after the jump! :)

As with the 'Alice in Glow' collection, this Spring/Summer offering from Beyond also has a Snow Cushion, which comes in two shades - #1 Pink Beige and #2 Natural Beige.
Alice in Blooming Snow Cushion, 21000 won.
It's the perfect partner to the Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base, which works two ways - as a makeup base and a sunscreen. It's SPF 50 PA+++, which is pretty impressive by my standards. 
Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base, 17000 won.
For the lipstick addicts, this collection has Two Tone Lipsticks in six different colors -#1 Cherry Peony, #2 Rose Quartz, #3 Myrtle Orange, #4 Radish Pansy, #5 Peach Rose, #6 Coral Cosmos. I think I want them all!
Alice in Blooming Two Tone Lipstick, 12000 won.
Also included in the collection is a Nail Gradation Kit, now available in two variants (the previous collection only had one). The kit comes with three bottles of nail polish and nail stickers.
Alice in Blooming Nail Gradation Kit, 8000 won.
And finally, a skincare product - the Alice in Blooming Aqua Cream, which I reckon is a repackaged version of Beyond's Lotus Aqua Bloom Cream. It's a moisturizing cream that contains lotus extract and micro hyaluronic acid to improve the skin's texture and elasticity.
Alice in Blooming Aqua Cream, 19000 won.
Just looking at all these products make me all the more excited to return to Korea! Beyond is not available locally, so I really have to go all the way to Seoul for this (otherwise, I can order online). I can't wait to set foot in Myeongdong again! :)

6 replies:

Erin S said...

Not only is the packaging adorable-the colors of their makeup are too

debdenny said...

Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base sounds really good. I am not into lipsticks much, but those are some great colors/

Xon said...

Those are all so adorable, I'm sure every girl will go gaga over these! I like the nail polish line with the decals!

Unknown said...

Woah that sounds so really great! I need to check that out. Thanks!

Lisa RIos said...

Beyond despite being a new brand for me, sounds like a great one with some wonderful products. I am in love with that Nail Gradation Kit & the two Tone Lipsticks which looks great and I would love to try out that skincare product as well.

Holly @ Woman Tribune said...

I am so excited about this makeup collection. Those colors are amazing and the packaging is so enchanting and whimsical. They really captured the essence of Alice in Wonderland.