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Smart Money Management Apps to Add to your Smartphone

Why not make your smartphone really smart - especially in the financial sense - by installing some really engaging and power packed money management apps? Here are 3 irresistible options for you to begin with.
Expensify is not the ordinary money management app that records your expense entries under different categories and generates colourful charts at the end of the month; it's the real deal. Especially useful for freelancers and field job employees, Expensify come with features to take pictures of receipts and add them to expense records, track distance covered and multiply the same with preset number to reach upon billable kilometres for taxis, and track time for freelancers to accurately and honestly bill their clients. All this is in addition to the amazing feature that lets you add your credit and debit card to the app's web cloud, which automatically ensures that all your routine cashless expenses are automatically recorded for you. Of course, there are the usual features of categorical expense recording and smart reporting.
Slotomania slot machine app
It’s sad that many guides to apps that help you with money management don’t tell you anything about apps that could facilitate money earning for you! Well, coming to you from the world of breathtaking online casino games is this app, offering you the best casino gaming experiences from the Slotomania slot machines app. Use the app to win some impressive rewards before the Christmas festivities take over, so that you don’t mind going out of your tight tracks in terms of money spending. What’s more, this is the time to leverage pre-Christmas promotions and bonus offers on Slotomania to give yourself the maximum chance of winning.

Spending 2.
Spending 2
Ideal for all those of you who wish to establish a chronological tracking over their expenses, Spending 2 is also among the simplest of money management apps, especially appealing to those who are still in the habit of recording their expenses and earnings on paper. Comparing your expenditure for today versus the last day, tracking month wise and even year wise expenditure, and category wise expense recording are the useful features on offer in the app. And, you can record your frequent expenditures as ‘repeat’, which lets you easily and quickly enter the expense. This one’s ideal for people whose monthly budget changes frequently, and for users such as businessmen and investors. What’s more, you could track your monthly performance on Slotomania in conjugation with this app!

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