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Spotlight | Missha Super Aqua Lifting Eye Cream.

That I'm obsessed with eye creams is no secret. I'm almost always on the lookout for good eye creams, as I have a perennial problem with dark circles and sunken eyes. And more often than not, I gravitate towards Asian eye cream/skincare brands as they tend to work better on my skin compared to brands from the West. These days, I'm using a not-so-new product from one of my favorite Korean cosmetics brands, Missha.
Missha Super Aqua.
Called the Super Aqua Lifting Eye Cream, this product is an 'advanced, mild, oil-free and hydrating formula packed with rich ingredients that target eye area concerns'. This eye cream is packed with active water ingredients, mango seed butter, camellia extract, phyto-collagen, and argireline - a cosmetic ingredient known for its anti-wrinkle properties.
Lifting Eye Cream.
This product also contains antioxidants that can protect the skin from free radicals, as well as sugar elements that can improve the skin’s moisture retention capability.
Product description at the back of the box.
Contains active water ingredients.
The Super Aqua Lifting Eye Cream has a light, viscous texture that's easily absorbed and does not feel heavy on the skin. This product spreads quite well that a tiny blob (such as the one in the photo) would be enough for the area around your eyes. 
Product swatch.
Squeeze tube.
I've been using the Super Aqua Lifting Eye Cream for a little over a month now, and I love the 'revitalizing effect' of this product on my skin. My eyes no longer look sunken even on days when I've had less than eight hours of sleep. And because my undereyes aren't as dark as it used to be, I need not slather my skin with concealer either. No more tired-looking eyes, no more dark and ghastly undereyes, and I get to save on concealer, too. Not bad, right? 

The Super Aqua Lifting Eye Cream comes in a 30 mL squeeze tube and sells for 17800 Korean won. That's around $17 or Php700+ when converted. Not sure if this item is available in Missha branches here in the Philippines, as I got this one from the Missha store in Myeongdong. Courtesy of my husband, of course. :)

Have you tried this product before? What eye cream/s work best for you? Let me know, I might give them a try one of these days, too. :)

4 replies:

MikiHope said...

I have yet to find an eye cream that works well with my eyes. I live in the US so I doubt I would ever be able to find this one.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try this. I just turned 39 and I could use all the help I could get!

Animetric said...

Looks promising! I love water-based skin care products. Nakakainis lang Missha products are horrendously overpriced here, mas mura pa ng malaki sa hay!

The Phenomenal Mama said...

Agree with you that Asian products work best on Asian skin. I prefer water-based products din for my oily skin.