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Globe Project 1 Phone | A Call for Good.

How many mobile phones have you owned in the past five years? One? Two? Maybe even five or more? Technological changes sure happen at a very rapid pace these days, especially in the field of telecommunications. Continuous popularity of social networking sites, the high demand for mobile browsing, and the availability of very affordable communications gadgets encourage more people to replace or upgrade their mobile phones almost yearly.

With this development, old gadgets often end up abandoned or worse, thrown into the trash together with drained phone batteries and broken chargers. These obsolete and unwanted electronic and electrical devices add up to millions of metric tons of e-waste disposed worldwide every year which cause toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium to be released into the air and seep into the ground and waterways.

Through the years - some of the old phones that I have owned.
To combat the dumping of e-waste and promote stronger social and environmental practices, leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom is embarking on the biggest and most ambitious mobile recycling program in the Philippines. Dubbed as Project 1 Phone, it is designed to create awareness on proper e-waste disposal and to promote sustainability.

By donating unused, non-working, or damaged phones and tablets, mobile phone batteries, and even personal computers to the campaign, each Filipino would be able to do his share in minimizing not only the environmental impact of e-waste but also counter its harmful effects on health such as skin diseases and possible damage to vital organs and the skeletal system.
Globe also makes it easy for its customers and other stakeholders to participate in the drive by providing donation bins in participating Globe Stores in various parts of the country (for the complete list, please visit the Globe Telecom website

Schools, corporations, local government units, and other private and non-government organizations may also participate in the program by adopting recycle bins. Interested parties may email Globe at

All devices and accessories that Globe will gather shall be turned over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste recycler which will take responsibility for at end-of-life products to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

TES-AMM will, likewise, work on recovering precious metals and plastics from the recycled gadgets. Globe has committed to build at least 40 school buildings in the province of Aklan and proceeds of Project 1 Phone will be used to add to the said number since hundreds of classrooms are still needed in the area.

8 replies:

Unknown said...

I have an old blackberry 8830 that i can donate.. i was not sure what to do with it.

MikiHope said...

This company is doing the responsible thing. I have actually only owned 2 cell phones over the last 4 or 5 years. In the US most of the phone companies have recycle bins as well.

Christy G said...

We usually end up selling our phones once we get new ones so that we don't have a bunch of phones lying around.

ReviewsSheRote said...

I like how the project encourages re-cycling

mail4rosey said...

Such a good program. It seems like people are getting a new phone everytime an upgrade comes out (my grown boys included). Knowing what to do w/the old ones (if you don't trade them in) is very cool info. to have.

Fathima Syed Ali said...

Nice article. Project 1 phone is really such a great concept for recycling. Those harmful toxins & e-wastes are the main cause for global warming, as it damages the ozone layer. Let us join the cause and help to turn the old phones into new schools. Join our hands to make a beautiful world.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like a great company and excellent way to get rid of the unused electronics indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I've had three phones in the last five years. The two that I have now (with two different phone companies) and one that was stolen. I use very low tech phones, just for calling and texting.