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Globe's Nationwide 3G Connectivity | Faster, Stronger, Better!

If there's one thing that I can't live without (except for my favorite skincare products and my trusted Ventolin inhaler), it's got to be the internet. I need to be online most of the time for several reasons - my husband works overseas and we communicate with each other via phone messaging / VOIP apps; my work entails constant communication and coordination with my clients, which we usually do via email; I have social networking sites that I need to update regularly, being a blogger and all.
100% 3G!
So it's a good thing that Globe now has 100% nationwide 3G coverage. This means that my basic mobile data connection is now at 3G speed, with an even more stable and reliable connection.

And it gets even better! Starting September, Globe will begin rolling out 100% 4G HSPA+ connectivity across the country. This means all the wonderful things that I get to do now with my mobile internet, I'll be able to do it with an even faster connection. Hooray for better service! This internet junkie is happy! :)

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