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In Glenda's Aftermath...

With signal number 3 raised in Laguna on the evening of July 15, I knew Glenda (international name Rammasun) would hit our province our hard. The typhoon was expected to make landfall in the Bicol region at around 3 or 4 am the following day, and true enough, heavy rains and howling winds kept me up during the wee hours of July 16. I could hear the trees rustling in our backyard, while in the front yard, I could hear ripping and crashing sounds of what seemed to be roofs and pole posts.

I was scared as hell the entire time, while my little boy was sleeping soundly beside me. I have never prayed so hard in my entire life, asking for this ordeal to be over and done with, for the typhoon to finally leave, and for our house to be safe from falling and flying objects. Floods don't scare me (as this is a rare occurrence here in San Pablo City) but falling coconut trees do.

It was around 10 am when the rain finally subsided and the skies began to clear. It was only then that I had the courage to step outside the house and check the damages that Glenda left in our compound.
Flooded garage and front yard.
Fallen trees and flying roofs.
Here's how our backyard looks like.
I'm thankful that bananas, and not coconuts fell on our backyard.
Electricity, phone lines, and cellphone signal were down and out, but luckily we had potable water. By nighttime, our telephone line had been restored, much to the the relief of our loved ones abroad. And as of 5 pm today (July 18), after almost three days of darkness, power has been restored in our barangay and in most areas here in San Pablo City.

Earlier today, the little man went to the mall to eat out and do some grocery shopping. Here's the devastation that we saw along the way.
Photo credit: ANC Facebook page.
Who would have thought that the biggest mall here in my hometown could be damaged to this extent? Well I never.
Photo credit: ANC Facebook page.
Pizza Hut along Rizal Avenue.
I heard there's another typhoon coming, so I stocked up on batteries, canned goods, and drinking water. I am hoping this new weather disturbance (he now goes by the name 'Henry') will not be as threatening as Glenda. Stay safe and dry, everyone!

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