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Fashion Pulse | The Ultimate.

And it's that time of the year again when long sleeves and cardigans take a back seat in our closet, and out come the sundresses and tank tops. But along with wobbly buns and flabby arms come another body dilemma. It's the dreaded back fat - those rolls of flesh that are put into plain sight by an ill-fitting bra.

Thankfully, Shapeez - a bra and shape wear solutions company based in the US - came up with seamless shape wear to address this body hang-up. Their most popular style, The Ultimate, is a bra, camisole, and torso-trimmer all designed into one. It has a patented smooth back design which stamps out back bugles, and eliminates visible bra lines and horrendous muffin tops as well. It has molded, underwire cups with light foam padding that shape and support the breasts, and a smoothing control for the waist and tummy, hips and back.
The Ultimate by Shapeez.
The Ultimate has become a popular choice among women that it's even acclaimed as the best body shaper to date. It's been featured in several magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, People, InStyle, and O (The Oprah Magazine).
Left - some other bra. Right - with The Ultimate.
Photo credit: Shapeez.
The Ultimate sells for $89, and can be bought online, or at retail stores across Canada and the US.

2 replies:

Ruth dela Cruz said...

Nice! I love underwear that is double purpose :)

The back fat doesn't look really good, and more often missed because it is there - hiding at the back! I hope this will be available in the Phils too :)

Jannie said...

This ULTIMATE seems like the ultimate thing every woman needs! Definitely cool.