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Hong Kong Holiday | Chef Mickey + Hollywood & Dine.

In my previous post, I mentioned that there are several restaurants in Disney's Hollywood Hotel. There are five in total - Chef Mickey, which offers international buffet; Hollywood & Dine, a quick service restaurant; Sunset Terrace, located outdoors for the perfect barbecue dining experience; Studio Lounge, which serves cocktails anytime of the day; and the Piano Pool Bar, a snack bar located poolside.

Out of these five restaurants, we were able to visit two - Chef Mickey and Hollywood & Dine. Let me walk you through Hollywood & Dine first. It's located on the far end of the hotel, right beside the game room.
Hollywood & Dine.
One look at the restaurant, and I was instantly reminded of the diner depicted in Archie comics. You know, that place where Archie takes Betty (or Veronica) for burgers and milkshake.
Reminds me of the diner in Archie comics.
The restaurant features open display cases which allows guests to see exactly what's on the menu.
That's my brother, having a hard time choosing what to order. Haha. :)
They have a selection of sandwiches, fruits, salads, pasta, and pastries, while their beverage selection includes coffee, bottled fruit juices, and bottled water.
Sandwich selection.
Dessert cups.
Pasta and noodles.
But no matter how yummy the menu looks, we all wanted something more filling than these snacks. After all, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, and our last meal was the empanadas served on the plane. In short, we were famished, and we wanted a meal with rice. Haha!

So off we went to the other restaurant, Chef Mickey, with hopes to satiate our hunger with a hearty meal.
Chef Mickey!
Popular for its Mickey Mouse pancakes and meet and greet sessions with Mickey Mouse, Chef Mickey boasts of an international buffet that features Asian specialties, Western dishes, and local Cantonese courses. They also have a selection of European breads and pastries, plus pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.
Mickey, Mickey everywhere!
Unfortunately,  we weren't able to try their buffet. It was a Friday when we arrived, and lunch buffet is served only during Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. We had no choice but to make do with their a la carte menu. I wasn't able to snap a photo of the menu board (out of famine, I guess - haha!), so I'll just show you what we had for lunch (super late lunch) on the first day of our trip.
Utensils for the kids.
Waiting for the entree.
Bread and butter.
House blend iced tea.
Vegetable soup (this one tastes bland, though).
Yes, rice! One heaping bowl of it!
Braised beef, good for sharing with the little man. :)
Berries and cream for dessert.
Now if you're thinking of giving their buffet a try, do take note of the schedule and be sure to make prior reservations. It can get rowdy and crowdy because of the meet and greet session with Chef Mickey. Buffet prices start from HK$217 (around Php1247) for adults and HK$158 (around Php900) for kids ages 3-11. Kids below 3 years old eat for free.

Chef Mickey
Disney Hollywood Hotel
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
+852 35100 5000

I have a few more food posts from our Hong Kong trip. Will be sharing them in my Foodie Goodie posts in the weeks to come. :)

17 replies:

Kim, USA said...

I love their Mickey Mouse plate!


Animetric said...

Ooh we tried their buffet and most of the food were Mickey-themed! The price is pretty okay na din considering you're in Disneyland. The Berries and Cream you had looks yummy!

Meikah said...

The Mickey theme is really so cute! :)

Lei said...

Excited to try this with my Daughter for sure she'll have a blast too

DeDa Studios said...

Such a fun place to visit! All of the food looks tasty decorated for Disney! FUN!

Hezzi-D said...

I've heard Chef Mickey is a great place to take the kids. I love the character silverware and cups!

ReviewsSheRote said...

I LOVE the decor of the place--that place of cream and berries looks SUPER TOO =D

Juvy Ann Petilla said...

reading made me want to go back to hkdl!

LaVonne said...

I love it! I'd like to visit Chef Mickey! :)

Debi Gerhart said...

How cool. I love the mickey bowl

Anonymous said...

That food looks really good. Would love the try the berries and cream.

Michelle F.

Anonymous said...

I would go to these places for the look and feel, but not for the food. :D Not sure if you feel the same, but for me, I noticed that Cantonese food tend to be on the bland side :P

michymichymoo said...

Super cute place! I can't wait to go there myself. :)

Unknown said...

I miss Disneyland HK! I hope we could stay at the Hollywood hotel on our next visit!

Gellie Abogado said...

Haven't been to HK but would love to try that Hollywood & Dine. I just love the feel of that diner as how I see it in your photos! :)


Ari said...

I can't wait to go back to Hong Kong and visit Disneyland there. I wasn't able to go last time! I love the Mickey themed snacks in the first resto :) So cute!

maiylah said...

Yummy! that Mickey dessert plate looks real cute (and functional, too!)! thanks for the info, sis!

appreciate much your sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Czjai
enjoy the rest of the week!
ps. looking forward to your HK food posts!