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Globe and Gawad Kalinga Inaugurate Tattoo Village in Ormoc, Leyte.

One love, one heart... let's get together and feel all right! 
So goes Bob Marley's epic song 'One Love'. I can't help but hum this song to myself each time I hear or read of stories about people coming together to help even more people in need.

Case in point, Globe Tattoo's partnership with Gawad Kalinga and their continuous efforts to rehabilitate the typhoon-stricken areas in the Visayas. Just recently, Globe and GK formally inaugurated the Tattoo Village in Barangay Tambulilid in Ormoc, Leyte. The unveiling of the new village was formally instituted through the actual building of the first five houses in the village, with Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, Gawad Kalinga Executive Director Luis Oquinena, and Ormoc Mayor Edward Codilla spearheading the event.
Globe unveiled the marker for the Tattoo Village led by the Globe Senior Leadership Team, Gawad Kalinga and Ormoc’s local government unit. (From L-R) Globe Chief Finance Officer Albert de Larrazabal; Gawad Kalinga Executive Director Luis Oquinena, Tattoo brand ambassador Georgina Wilson; Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu; Ormoc Mayor Edward Codilla and City Council; Globe Head of Human Resources Ato Jiao; Tattoo Brand Ambassador Mars Miranda; (Seated L-R) Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos; Tattoo Brand Ambassador Liz Uy; Globe Senior Vice President for Broadband Business Gilbert Simpao and Globe Vice President for Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo
Joining Cu, Oquinena and Codilla were Globe Chief Finance Officer Albert de Larrazabal, Globe Head of Human Resources Ato Jiao, Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos and Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto. The Tattoo team also came in full force with Senior Vice President for Broadband Business Gilbert Simpao, Globe Vice President for Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo and brand ambassadors Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy and Mars Miranda.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu painting the wall in one of the houses.
The Tattoo Village is part the company’s rehabilitation initiatives coming from the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. Now holistically referred to as Project Wonderful, the rehabilitation initiative is part of a unified platform for the company’s brand, culture, and nation-building efforts.
Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos preparing the cement for hollow block laying.
As Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said, “The official unveiling of the Tattoo Village testifies to our dedication to spark hope and progress for the country. Globe is going beyond providing relief assistance to affected communities and instead move towards initiating sustainable efforts like building homes and providing livelihood opportunities, so we can help create a wonderful world for our fellow Filipinos in need.” 
Globe Chief Finance Officer Albert de Larrazabal and Senior Vice President for Broadband Business Gilbert Simpao do the prep work for hollow block molding.
As a response, Tattoo pooled its resources resulting to a P15M grant to Gawad Kalinga to aid in rebuilding homes for 100 families. Together with the initial donation, another P1.2M was raised through a charity dinner hosted by Cu, his wife Arlene, and Ronquillo, attended by Tattoo’s brand ambassadors, business partners and friends from the media. The broadband brand also brought its brand ambassador Bamboo to Brgy. Tambulilid last December led by Globe Vice President for Tattoo Home Broadband Business Jurist Gamban, bringing with them truckloads of toys for children in time for the Christmas season.

Dong Ronquillo and Georgina Wilson help lay the hollow blocks in one of the houses
Project Wonderful ambassador and long-distance advocacy runner Mac Milan also played his part at the event by bringing with him the toys he collected from his fundraiser runs. Milan is gearing up to add a toy library that will benefit the children of the Tattoo Village. The Toy Library aptly called ‘Aralaruan’ consists of educational materials suited for kids of different ages.
Project Wonderful ambassador Mac Milan mingles with the children of Brgy. Tambulilid.
Divided into different groups, Globe executives led groups of employees and friends from the media on various activities throughout the Gawad Kalinga build. Each one had a chance to experience hardworking tasks that included house painting, hollow block laying, hollow block making and sand sifting.
The whole Globe Team joined by Gawad Kalinga and some friends from the press geared up to volunteer for the GK build that also stands as the inauguration of the Tattoo Village.
Georgina Wilson spent some of her time playing with the kids.
After all the hard work, Brgy. Tambulilid residents gave the Globe team a heartwarming thanks through the GK Unity dance. They were joined by Dong Ronquillo, Liz Uy, Georgina Wilson and Mars Miranda.
For over 10 years, Globe Telecom has fortified a successful partnership with Gawad Kalinga. Fundamentally anchored on a common calling to uplift the lives of marginalized Filipinos, Globe and Gawad Kalinga have supported each other and banked on their respective strengths to be able to build and support communities, especially in times of great need or rehabilitation.

11 replies:

Kero said...

What a wonderful advocacy! Congratulations to Globe and its allies for such laudable initiative to humane projects.

I hope more and more local companies will share the same vision to help the needy.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

The pictures remind me of when I helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity when I was in college. That was so long ago now. :/

Unknown said...

This is a very nice way to say thank you and give back to dear consumers.

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing awareness to an awesome cause,

Michelle F.

Rose said...

Wow’s good to you to help other people....i know they feel so happy on the charity you did..

earthlingorgeous said...

Good job! I hope the houses they built last long :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Awesome project I hope the houses they built ladt long like those of Habitat for Humanity :)

Czjai said...

Hi Lame! I bet that was quite an experience for you! I've visited a Habitat for Humanity Village before, but never had the chance to help build houses myself. :)

Hi Kero! Ditto on that! :) said...

What a great CSR project of Globe. At least people knows where their bill payments go to :)

Kath Rivera said...

It's nice to know that Globe is reaching out to our Kababayans in any way they can.

Lei said...

wow!! I love Globe's advocacy of building homes for Yolanda survivors. My friend was part of that event by the way.