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Beauty Essentials for Valentine's Day

So you've got a date on Valentine's Day. Great!
I hope by now you've visualized your beauty look for the occasion. After all, V-Day is just four days away.

But if you're still in the process of deciding what to wear, how you want to look like, or what you want to do with your hair, allow me to share this list of beauty essentials that'll definitely come in handy come date night. In fact, these products go beyond Valentines Day. They're must-haves for any day, any time of the year!

1) Moisturizer.
The cornerstone of perfect, flawless makeup is great skin. And this is why moisturizers should be part and parcel of your everyday beauty regimen. Moisturizers make the skin healthy, can plump up wrinkles, help combat aging, and soothe stressed skin.
Missha Near Skin Nutritive Cream, Php 1650.
Moisturizing, however, can be a bit tricky so it is important to know what moisturizer to use for which type of skin. For dry skin, go for creams or serums as they are thicker, heavier, and are highly concentrated. For those with oily skin, emulsions and oil-free lotions are recommended as they have a lighter texture and are usually water-based.

2) Primer.
And so they say it's a crime not to prime.
Primers not only prep your face for makeup application, it also makes your makeup last longer. Most important of all, it keeps all sorts of makeup blunders at bay. Think melting foundation, obvious pores, and redness around the nose. All these can be avoided by simply adding one extra step to your usual makeup routine - priming.
Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Primer SPF15, Php 485. 
3) Eyebrow Filler.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what makes the eyes look even more beautiful are the eyebrows. Properly groomed and neatly-filled brows make the first step to a clean, well-constructed makeup look.
Sephora Arch It Brow Kit, Php 1758.

4) Eyeliner.
Whether it's the liquid, gel, or pencil-type, eyeliners are the sure-fire way to give your peepers a stunning and sexy look.
Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner, Php 248.
Here's a quick tip for makeup newbies who might want to try the 'winged' look.
While looking in the mirror, place your elbow on the table to steady your arm. Rest the palm of whatever hand is holding the liner to the bottom part of your face and, with the opposite hand, pull the skin taut on the eye you're about to apply makeup to. Draw a simple line from the inner corner halfway, then finish the line from the outside going inward. To complete the winged look, make a small, upwards "U" at the outer corner of your eyelid and fill it in.

5) Blush.
I know there are women out there who are not too fond of (wearing) makeup. But you have to admit, if there's one makeup item that can give color and life to an otherwise pale face, it's blush.
Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blusher, Php 645.
Blushes come in different colors, so make sure to choose one which complements your skin tone. For fair skin, go for pinks. For medium skin, go for tawny or rosy shades. If your skin has yellow undertones, peaches and corals would suit you nicely; if you have olive undertones, wine and burgundy shades would be your best bet.

6) Lip Balm.
Just like our skin, our lips need its own moisturizer, too. Lip balms instantly hydrate the lips, make them softer and smoother, and make sure that your lipstick (the matte ones, especially) don't settle on the crevices of your lips.
Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix Butter, Php 198.
7) Red lipstick.
Ah yes, the universal classic that never goes out of style. It's the boldest lip color that screams of confidence, and is guaranteed to catch any man's attention. 
Ultraflesh Perfect Reds Mini Lipstick, Php 1568.
Some women, however, assume that they can't pull off this quintessential sexy look, afraid that a bright red pucker would make them look old or gaudy. That is so not true. The key to wearing red lipstick is to find the right shade, and to not go overboard with the rest of your face. Meaning, if you're wearing red on your lips, stay light on the eyes and go soft on the blush.

Now that you know the beauty essentials, I hope you can put them to good use as you doll yourself up for your big day. As for me, I really don't have plans for Valentines Day since the husband is not around. It's gonna be a plain old Friday for me, stuck at home with my little man, tons of blog work, and my favorite Kdramas. And nope, I'm not complaining. :)

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14 replies:

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I wear eyeliner every day. Makes me look more vibrant! I have that & wild liquid in a waterproof kind and that stuff stays put!

The Mommy Roves said...

i super need eyebrow fillers! ngayon Im so happy na as long as i have powder, blush, lippie and a nice brow! perfect look na :D

Karen Dawkins said...

I've tried to wear red lipstick several times through the last three decades. I always feel like a clown! Maybe I need a good makeover with a color specialist!

At least I know how to do the eyes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder, need new red lipstick for Friday.

Unknown said...

have a giveaway for those and let me win the lip balm and moisturizer- you got nice set here.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Keeping a balanced face with the red is a great tip!!

Ruth dela Cruz said...

Thanks for the list! I would need a Valentine! and that Eyebrow Filler!

Im growing my eyebrows now and it look like a mess. I look mataray with one lined eyebrow :(

Unknown said...

Great looking products. Would love to try that eyebrow kit.

Michelle F.

Christy G said...

Great list. I don't wear very much makeup but my daughter does. She wants the liquid eye liner.

Jes Roque said...

My must-haves would be the moisturizer and the eyebrow filler. I could go on everyday with just those 2 on my face. :)

That Sephora Arch It Brow Kit is now part of my "I will get it" soon list! :)

Czjai said...

Uy Jes, di mo na kailangan yang kit na yan. Ang galing galing mo na mag-kilay inggit ako, hehehe! :)

Animetric said...

Ooh I want that Holika Holika Primer! It's reasonably priced too! :D

MaryJane Tauyan said...

so love the red lipstick! I always wear red lipstick when I am out and about without makeup hehe. I would love to buy that primer too needed it so badly!

Unknown said...

the holika holika blusher is sooo cute! I want it!