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Rest, Relaxation, Reunion.

I just got word from my friend who's been working in Canada for the past three years or so. She's coming home to the Philippines and would like to hang out with me (and the rest of our group, of course) while she's on vacation.

Ever the massotherapie addict, the first thing my friend asked was if I know any good spas or saunas in our hometown, and if I can have a 'spa-rty' booked for us girls. I wasn't surprised that she gave me this task of hunting for the perfect spa. We both love spas and massage montréal after all, and this used to be one of our favorite bonding activities back in the days.

Thankfully we now need not go far to enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage. I remember how we used to drive all the way to Alabang just for an hour's worth of massage at The Spa. It's a good thing the wellness industry is now booming in our hometown, and spas and saunas have mushroomed over the years.

Now that our sparty cum mini reunion has been booked and the girls have been informed, all that's left is for our 'balikbayan' (overseas worker) to arrive. See you in two weeks, my friend!

6 replies:

Kai Grafia said...

I totally love being pampered and SPAS are the best places for this <3

Anonymous said...

You always share the posts that make it seem like vacation is way overdue. I hope you have fun. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Lexie Lane said...

Yes, I remember getting the most awesome spa treatment in the Philippines once for something like $5 or something ridiculous like that! It's amazing! One time I had a mani/pedi and paid for both my mom and me and was completely shocked when they said it was $8 for the both of us! Crazy!

Christy G said...

We went to a spa a few weeks ago and it is very relaxing. I hope that you can find the perfect spot to hang out with your friend. Have fun!

Unknown said...

I think the last time I was pampered I had just given birth to our sixth child and the nurse came and took her away so I could nap for an hour ;)

Unknown said...

I could go for a massage, definitely!;)