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When in Texas, My Texas Wills.

My Texas Wills has been preparing and probating the Texas last will and testament for individuals and couples for over 15 years with documents that meet the Texas statutory requirements.

The service offers a questionnaire which needs to be filled out by the applicant. My Texas Wills will do the rest. It is operated by the law firm of Rick Villarreal who is a licensed member of the Texas State Bar Association. In some cases, the questionnaire does not cover all the issues required by an applicant.

If this is the case, an attorney from My Texas Wills will contact the applicant personally and discuss the situation. Once the documents are complete they can be sent to the applicant by email, printed and signed by a witness and a notary. Instructions for executing the documents will be provided. A Self-Proving Affidavit is also incorporated in the will so it is less complicated and expensive to probate.

Most individuals who are choosing a will questionnaire also choose a Durable Power of Attorney option. This allows the designated person to do business transactions. They may select a Medical Power of Attorney to authorize medical decisions if the individual is incapacitated and cannot make their own medical decisions. They can also choose one directive to physicians that states their wishes in the event their death is imminent. Couples will receive two wills and have the same choices as above.

My Texas Wills is the simplest and least expensive way to get a valid will in the State of Texas.

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