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To Have and to Hold | Top Wedding Photography Trends of 2013.

'Twas one of those days when I miss the husband immensely and as I flipped through our wedding album, it made me realize how different wedding pictures looked like five years ago. (Yes, we're celebrating our fifth anniversary this June.) Not surprising since wedding trends move really fast; and portraits missisauga are no exception.

With June fast approaching, I'm pretty sure the photography business will again be at its busiest. If you're one of those June brides (or grooms, for that matter), here are some wedding photography trends that you can expect:
Turning five. :)
Color - lots and lots of color
Bright, natural colors are one of the hottest wedding photography missisauga trends these days. Super saturated photos are ideal for pre-nuptial and engagement photos as they make colors pop, and add a whimsical feel to the images.

Vintage glam
Washed out photos reminiscent of the Casablanca era are all the rage right now. If nostalgia is right up your alley and suits your style, then vintage edits are the way to go.

Bokeh love
Bokeh is one of my personal favorites. In Nihonggo, the word means “blurred” or “hazy” and in terms of photography, it means part of the image is aesthetically blurred such that objects in focus stand out beautifully.

Now remember, whatever trend you follow or whatever style you choose, your wedding photos should focus primarily on you, your spouse, and the emotions of this momentous occasion. Take your time and  have fun with putting your own personal touch on  these trends to make your wedding photos truly unique.

5 replies:

Franc said...

I think the hazy effects looks cool for wedding photographs. It adds an element of fantasy in the photos.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of what daughter told me just yesterday. She said, hubby and I should get married at least 3 times. Haha. Magastos! :P

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

You are a very lovely couple. said...

I'm starting to look for styles that we will be using for our pre nup (soon!). I'm currently loving the vintage-y and bokeh look :)

earthlingorgeous said...

I'll remember all this tip on my pre-nup and post-nup and tell my photog what I want! Char! Haha! Well,If ever I'll leave it to the photographer I'll choose a good one nalang who understands what I want and can capture the moment as magical as possible :)