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Foodie Goodie | Simple Treats by CDC.

Remember last week's spa-turdate with my friend Sylvia? That was just the first half of our weekend girl bonding. The second half was dinner at Simple Treats by CDC, a new and upscale restaurant located in the heart of San Pablo City.
Photo credit: PlayPolkaMusic
Our original plan was to feast on Mediterranean cuisine at Middle Eats, but my dream of eating shawarma rice was foiled as the place was reserved for the night. We settled for Simple Treats instead. It's the best option since the restaurant is just next door.

This was actually my second time to dine at Simple Treats. The first was sometime last February, but I hardly had the chance to enjoy the dining experience as I had my rowdy little man in tow. This time, I had the opportunity to savor the food, and snap photos of them as well.

Sylvia wanted pizza that night, but the waiter told us that they was no longer available that time. They had nine different pizzas on the menu, and not one of them was available. Too bad. And so for starters, we ordered Cheesy Fries with Bacon (Php 215) instead.
Cheesy Fries with Bacon, Php 215.
The fries were pretty good - non-greasy, crispy, and the serving was good for two. No wonder my little man loved them the first time we ate here.

Oh, and I find it miraculous that these were served right away. Simple Treats has earned a reputation (based on Sylvia, who dines here quite often plus my first visit, where it took half an hour before we got served) for being so slow when it comes to service, so I was quite surprised that we got our appetizer in less than ten minutes, and the entrees came shortly after.

For the main course, Sylvia had Herb Roasted Chicken, while I had Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Herb Roasted Chicken, Php 195.
The Roasted Chicken was huge! We were expecting something like a quarter, but this one was half of a chicken. The serving is actually good enough for two! You're bound to order an extra cup of rice for a portion this huge, but Sylvia opted for an extra serving of mashed potatoes instead.
Mashed Potatoes.
I can't remember the price of the Mashed Potatoes. They weren't on the menu, but I presume they're within the Php 50 price range. I scooped half a tablespoon of it, just to see how it tasted. One word - blah. It's a bit sour, a bit lumpy, and the presentation leaves much to be desired.
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Php 195.
As for my Chicken Cordon Bleu, I had no complaints about it. It tastes as great as it looks in the photo, though I wish their servings had more sauce. I just can't get enough of that creamy sauce, which according to the menu, is based on a secret recipe. (KFC, is that you?)

Now for our drinks, I had a can of cola (Php 45), while Sylvia just had a water. So yeah, no photos for that part. But they do have a variety of espresso, frappes, and smoothies on the menu, with prices ranging from Php 55 - Php 125.

They also have cakes, which are served per slice. I ordered a slice of Marshmallow Cake for takeaway, but turns out, one slice was not enough for the little man. 
Marshmallow Cake, Php 85.
He loved the ooey goey, uber moist Marshmallow Cake and kept on asking why I bought only one piece and not a whole cake. Haha! I guess I need to visit Simple Treats again just for this.
Marshmallow Cake, Php 85.
Simple Treats by CDC
Zulueta cor. Azucena St., San Pablo City
Open daily, 7am til midnight

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17 replies:

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Omg marshmallow cake!!!

Unknown said...

the herb roasted chicken is good value for money. the mashed potato is calling my name.:p

Franc said...

The roasted chicken was definitely huge. It's value for money food.

Pepper said...

I'd probably attack that cake before anything else :). I'm a huge mashed potato fan, so that alone will hit the spot.

Dems said...

Marshmallow cake! Happy to see big servings! I might forget my diet with these haha! I'll definitely look for this resto if I ever swing by San Pablo City! <3

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

This cake looks so good ,the taste must be more good.

Unknown said...

I'm loving the grease! look at all the treats you got there.. i think the french fries is a steal for me.. :D

Unknown said...

Im loving the grease!!! look at that french fries, I think its the best!

Animetric said...

Wow both the food and the prices look good!

ReviewsSheRote said...

I'm with you on the sauce--LOVE it!!!
All the meal looks de-lish...and that cake----------!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Guia Obsum said...

I like to try the cheesy fries with bacon. Love the prices! :) said...

The fries is way expensive but I think it's because of the bacon. But the herb chicken's price is affordable, it looks delicious too!!!

Kathy Balmores said...

The mashed potato actually looked good to me. It may be because I have not eaten for 7 days.

maiylah said...

marshmallow cake looks tempting! is that chocolate i see? ;)

thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Czjai!
happy weekend!

Cheryl F. said...

Nice treats. Oh haven't tried Marshmallow cake. I think it's a double treat for me since I love marshmallow and cake :D

Unknown said...

Uh, you had me at cheesy fries with bacon;)

Unknown said...

Uh, you had me at cheesy fries with bacon;)