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5 Features That Can Increase the Durability of Your Lift Chair.

Shopping for a lift chair is a pretty big deal – these chairs are more than mere furnishings, they are empowering pieces of technology that only grow in usefulness as the years go by. Lift chairs can even provide an excellent resale value if kept in well maintained condition. This quick guide will help you choose a lift chair that has staying power, equipped with durability-enhancing features that can double or triple your return on investment.

The Five Best Features for the Value
Value and durability go hand in hand. A durable lift chair will provide comfort and enjoyment for many years, as long as any other comparable recliner. Before ordering a lift chair for your home or the home of a family member, make sure the following five durability-enhancing features are available from the manufacturer. You won't regret investing in quality.
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1. Diagnostic Tools
Many modern lift chairs come equipped with self-diagnostic tools of sorts, usually some type of LED indicator system. The indicator reading (usually expressed in number or color of lights) will display the error causing any sort of motor or electrical problem. Self-diagnostic tools are designed to make it easy for lift chair owners to find solutions from customer support, or even fix the errors right at home.

2. Protective Cover
Nobody likes to cover up an attractive piece of furniture with a protective cover but you might be surprised at the quality of modern styles. Your investment will last much longer with, at the very least, a pair of nice armrest covers and a footrest cover. A manufacturer-approved slipcover is recommended if the chair will be placed near a window. Incontinence pads are often available for excellent protection against liquids.

3. Cleaning Kit
What happens if the protective covers aren't enough? Little spots and stains are inevitable. If you want to keep your lift chair leather or upholstery in pristine condition the entire time you own it, make sure to invest in a manufacturer-approved cleaning kit. This will ensure that your fabrics are never damaged by an incompatible cleaning solution or conditioner. It pays to be prepared.

4. Warranty
We think a warranty should count as a feature because the best warranties are offered on an optional basis only. A lengthy warranty is fantastic because it covers parts and manufacturing, and in some cases minor repairs and maintenance. Read through the warranty policy carefully to make sure that your chair is installed properly and in line with warranty conditions.

5. Owner's Manual 
You should receive an owner's manual with every lift chair at no charge. Make sure you hold onto it. This will be your best friend when it comes to periodic lift chair maintenance and troubleshooting. Following the usage and care instructions outlined in the owner's manual is also the only way to keep your warranty intact. If you ever lose your manual, the manufacturer is often quick and happy to replace it.

Increasing the durability and life of your lift chair is essential to your long-term enjoyment of the furniture. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a chair with smooth, quiet motors and dependable operation every single time. Do not settle for a budget lift chair that requires constant repairs – take some time to seek value through real quality.

Lift chairs are a big investment. They are complicated pieces of machinery that require precise construction and high quality components; there's a lot going on underneath the plush and comfortable exterior. We hope that your new lift chair excels in both areas, but with so many high quality models on the market today, you should have no problem finding the right one for your home.

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