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Nailed It! | MUA Nail Constellation.

Remember that bottle of MUA Nail Constellation that came with my MUA Lip Boom purchase from Updated Trends? I finally had the chance to use them two Saturdays ago, during my Mum's '50 and Fabulous' birthday party.
Caviar nails!
This is my first attempt at doing caviar nails, so pardon me if what I did looks amateurish. It's the same reason why I chose to wear them on just two nails for each hand. I didn't want the product to go to waste lest I do something wrong while applying it.
Starry, starry nails. :)
Here's a description of the product as seen on the MUA website.
MUA’s amazing NEW Nail Constellation is inspired by the patterns formed into stars in the earth's night sky is a 3-dimensional extravagant nail art system you can create easily from home that leave your nails looking ‘wow!’.

These Constellation beads have a beautiful shine to them in five amazing space theme colours. They are easy to use and with them you can create many different designs. Supplied in a funnel for easy application with a re-sealable top! Using the Funnel application simply bed the constellation beads onto to a thick coat of your favourite MUA nail polish in a line design or just placed randomly.

Lovely colors, sleek bottle.
The new range comes in five variants: Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Leo, and Scorpio. I'm not sure where the other seven zodiac signs are; perhaps they'll be released as a separate collection in the future. Mine is Scorpio, as you can see. It's a combination of yellow, green, and purple beads - the most colorful combination and the prettiest in the collection, in my humble opinion.
Anyhow, here's an instructional video uploaded on the MUA Cosmetics YouTube channel. It shows the step by step procedure on how to use the MUA Nail Constellation.

Just so you know, I used the Sassy Colors Iced Mocha as my base coat. It's the same color on my nails without the Nail Constellation. I applied a top coat, too, and (contrary to that comment on YouTube) it didn't ruin the effect on mine. If anything, adding a top coat made the beads adhere better and last longer on my nails. I wore them for about a week - quite surprising actually, since I did grueling housework during that period of time (ergo, handwashed the laundry and washed the dishes).

Next time, I'll just pour the beads in a bowl or a container of some sort and dip my nails into it. That way, no beads will go to waste and it'll save me time from putting back the unused beads inside the tiny jar.

MUA Nail Constellation is available at Php 300 per bottle at The Updated Trends. They'll be participating at the upcoming Super Sale Bazaar, happening on March 1-3 at the World Trade Center, so I suggest you take this chance to check out the MUA Nail Constellation and other MUA products at their stall. :)

8 replies:

Kai Grafia said...

I saw those babies on Youtube a week ago. I want to try those too! Love the colors :))

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

this looks little crazy on your nail I guess.

Animetric said...

I find those tiny little colorful balls so so soooo cute!!! I want! :D

earthlingorgeous said...

Super cute I guess it takes some practice to make it look just like the video :)

Irene said...

Saw different colors from IG, it's really cute! I don't think I can do it by myself even if it looks easy to apply.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

amazing texture there! its been a long time since I had my nails coloured like this! Looks great! xx

melandriaonline said...

saw this on the tutorials too and planning to have one. I really fancy those small things , will definitely grab one.

Unknown said...

Wow, I want that one, hope this is available in our place. So cute eh :)