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The ABC of Rug and Carpet Care.

Imagine your home - your dream home,  and finally being able to live in it and call it your own. Imagine the living room - wide, spacious, decorated with a classic style (nothing extremely modern, and not too minimalist either), with a beautiful, handcrafted Karastan rug sprawled gorgeously on the floor.
Karastan Area Rug / Select Artwork, Plum Blossom.
Now imagine your three-year-old accidentally spilling his milk on your precious Karastan. Or your husband coming home after a game of football, trudging across the living room - muddy cleats and all. Or your naughty Persian cat, scratching on the wool.

Horror of horrors, isn't it? Thankfully, there's an area rug cleaner to get you out of this nightmare.

ABC Rug and Carpet Care gives  first class cleaning and customer service from people who truly care about you, your family, and your rugs. Their team of experienced cleaning technicians can clean, repair, and restore any type of rug and carpet imaginable! Most importantly of all, they use organic cleaning solutions which prolongs the life of your carpets and rugs, and protects not only the environment but also your family's health.

And if you avail of their services today, you get a 15% discount on top of the superior cleaning service and excellent customer care that they provide. Now isn't that great news for you and your precious Karastan?

2 replies:

Admin said...

Although, I live in the suburban area, still it was not hard to hire a carpet cleaning company based in Cape Town. They reached my home as they received the order, and did a fanatical job by cleaning all the dirty rugs and carpets with their superb techniques.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic article about looking after for you home in the wintertime. People usually keep their houses more air limited during the cold temperature and cleaning your rug is a fantastic way to aid the air quality. carpet care