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Five Ways to Get your Kids Involved in Decorating their own Bedrooms.

Every kid needs a space to call their own. Whether it's a quiet and comfy room full of pillows and picture books, or a rowdy play-space packed with fun and games, children of all ages have unique preferences and interests when it comes to their bedrooms. Letting your kids have a say in decorating their own bedrooms is not only fun and exciting for them, but their involvement takes some of the workload off of your shoulders. Here are five clever ways to get your kids involved in decorating their own bedrooms.

Give them a specific responsibility.
Children love to feel like they're in charge - and when it comes to decorating their own bedrooms, they can be! Although your child might be too young to make too many major decisions about his bedroom, he'll appreciate you delegating a specific area of responsibility to him. For instance, he can be in charge of deciding the color scheme, or the layout of the furniture.

Take them along when shopping for furniture and decorations.
Although it might not be feasible to take your child along every time you buy something for his new bedroom, try to bring him whenever you can. He'll be excited to pick out his own bed, his own lamp, his own rug - anything you allow him to pick out. He will be more enthusiastic about decorating his bedroom if he is able to seek out furnishings that pertain to his tastes, rather than having to settle for what mom or dad picks out.
Photo credit: Home Room Decor.
Have them make some bedroom art.
If your child is the crafty type, have her get creative and make her own wall art, signs, and door hangers. She can draw pictures of her friends and family to adorn her walls, which will make her feel like she's really in charge of the decorating. Many children also like to make special signs to hang on the door.

Ask them for their opinions on certain decisions.
As the adult, you will have most of the say in how your child's bedroom is decorated. Still, even when it comes to decisions that are best handled by you, your child will appreciate you asking for their input. If you're in charge of the wall color, for instance, you can approach your child with two choices and say, "I can't decide between these two. Which one do you think is better?"

Have your child help bring in and arrange their belongings.
When the decorating is finally done and it's time to move everything into its place in your child's bedroom, let her take the lead. You'll need to be in charge of basic organization and hard-to-reach spots, but it's generally okay to allow your child to arrange her possessions the way she likes them arranged in her bedroom. This final touch will make your child feel independent and responsible.

Written by Kylie Ward.
Kylie is a proud mum of four boys and loves DIY home improvement. Kylie’s husband produces bunk beds in Adelaide studio. Living in a small inner city apartment, they pride themselves on coming up with smart space saving solutions for their home.

7 replies:

MaryJane Tauyan said...

i am so excited reading this post! My daughter knows very well what she wants. She wants a pink room and or either a colourful decorations. Though she recently told me she dont want hello kitty anymore w/c she have tons of it. Now back to zero & buying mickey& minnie stuffs for her. hihi She cleans her ow room too!

ReinaBorinquena said...

These are terrific ideas. Unfortunately, I'm not very artsy-fartsy. Basically, I let him do all the decorating with one simple rule: Don't put any holes in the walls or doors. It seemed to work well. I may have to rethink that. Hmmm.

ReviewsSheRote said...

some great tips...I love using my children's art work to deco their walls...I even deco one wall in the living room with some of the great pieces too.

Unknown said...

I like the idea of giving them a specific responsibility. Using their artwork is a great idea too. I frame they could keep putting new pieces in as their make different artwork would be fun.

Life by Cynthia said...

Nice tips. Once we move we will definitely be redecorating.

Mommy Roxi said...

I've been meaning to redecorate our middle room/office for Jacob's use but I need a bigger budget for it 'coz I can't DIY the project myself. Husband is not to fond of these kinds of things. Lol.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful to give your children age appropriate responsibilities. I'm sure they felt like a million dollars!