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Dental Health, and Instant Smiles.

For the past five years, I've been through all sorts of dental procedures. From wearing braces and splints, then shifting to retainers and bridges, getting treatment for my temporomandibular joint (TMJ), undergoing gum surgery - I've done it all.

It's not something to be happy about or proud of, actually. Not being able to eat properly because of the braces, having to take a leave from work for my jaw therapy sessions, and the excruciating pain of going under the knife... they're not fun, I tell you. But I had to do it, because my health was at risk.

If only I had taken extra care of my teeth early on, I could have avoided all these. As a child, I was deathly afraid of the dentist, and just the thought of sitting on the dentist's chair mortified me. I avoided dental check-ups as much as I could, and would throw a nasty fit if coerced. Ah, if only I knew better back then!

Now that I'm a mother, I pay particular attention to my family's dental health - to my son, most of all. I definitely wouldn't want him to go through the same procedures as I did. It's all about regular check-ups to the dentist, actually. If only our previous family dentist had a warm and pleasant smile such as the montreal dentist, then there would have been no reason for me to avoid dental examinations. I could have even begged my Mum to take me to the dentist, for all I know.

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