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Across the globe with Montreal Movers.

Long distance moving (or as the French would call it, déménagement longue distance) is not an easy task. The mere thought of it is already stressful, so imagine how even more taxing it is if you're packing and unpacking your things, hauling the furniture, and moving house for real.

Fortunately, there is Montreal Movers, a removalist company that offers a complete moving and packaging service. They have specialized, spacious, and well-maintained trucks for your furniture and belongings, and a well-trained and competent staff to take care of the packing and transport of your things. Montreal Movers assures you of a stress-free and worry-free experience as they are covered by all required guarantees and insurances.

Montreal Movers also offers storage and packaging services. And for certain instances where the things to be moved are not at the initial loading point, Montreal Movers can do intermediate pickups, too. Even international moving is not impossible with this company. Their carriers, movers, and equipment are all fit for overseas transport, too.

To assess the situation and the needs of the client, Montreal Movers has a survey form accessible online. Quotations are free of charge, and are done within 24 hours.

Montreal Movers

9165 Boivin, LaSalle, QC, H8R 2E8
(514) 373-9131

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