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Spotlight | Hokkoh Online Shop.

If there's an online store that truly embodies the essence of uniqueness, then it's got to be Hokkoh.
Fun, funky, yet completely functional - these best describe Hokkoh's wide range of merchandise. 

This store has something for everyone. For instance, comic book junkies will definitely love these Avengers USB thumb drives. With a capacity of up to 8GB, these rare collectors' items can save not just the Earth, but loads of important data!

Avengers 8GB Thumb Drive, Php 1875.
For the coffeeholic workaholic, here's the perfect companion for you and  your Caramel Macchiato.

Drink Clip, Php 85.
A drink clip that you can attach to your office table or work desk at home! Guaranteed anti-spill design keeps your paperwork safe from your coffee, too.

Ladies will find this bag very interesting.

LED Lamp, Php 450.
Because it actually transforms into a lamp! And an LED at that. Great for late night studying or as a night light if you can't sleep in complete darkness.

Then there's this Lego watch that screams of cuteness.

Lego watch, Php 950.
If you're a Lego fan like me, then this wrist-candy is definitely worth-buying. Great for flaunting, too!

As for the little ones, Hokkoh has something for them as well.

Good Night Essie, Php 980.
Meet Essie the Turtle, the perfect companion for restless little kids (and even insomniac adults). With four soothing colors to choose from, Essie's lights transform your otherwise ordinary bedroom ceiling into a mesmerizing night-sky.

I could go on and on about all the interesting things that Hokkoh has to offer, but I suppose it'd be better if you can view the complete collection for yourself. That way, you can put all the things you fancy straight into the shopping cart and purchase them as soon as you're done.

And with that, I leave you Hokkoh's home on Multiply, page on Facebook, and handle on Twitter.
Happy Hokkoh shopping! :)

Want free stuff from Hokkoh? Stay tuned for the Unique Gifts event happening on July 3 midnight EST. That's noontime in the Phi, and one pm in Seoul. Later, folks! :)

14 replies:

Pepper Tan said...

I love the drink clip! Now I know what to get my workmates for Christmas :). I like that bag which transforms into a lamp too. Oh, and that LEGO watch! I'm heading over to Hokkoh now!

Sumi Go said...

Wow! Love how funky their products are. I so adore the drink clip and lego watch. The Good Night Essie lamp is so cute too! <3

Sweethestia said...

Wow... they have a cure products and this is good for Christmas... Love the cute turtle... magugustuhan ng anak ko yan

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I want the Essie Turtle for myself because I'm a kid like that! hahahaha I think the coffee cup clippers will also be very useful on my desk because although I don't drink coffee, I'm addicted to water! :P

Unknown said...

oohhh. i like the drink clip! :)

Anonymous said...

They have some wonderful products!

Jenn said...

I love this site! Great unique things, and I may even be able to find something for my FIL, the man who has EVERYTHING! Awesome.

Unknown said...

Czjai.... these are so adorable!! Never heard of this store...Love Hokkoh!

Amber said...

I love the clip on cup!

Kai Grafia said...

They totally have a lot of stuff for every person! ;) I've been to their FB Page :)

Animetric said...

Wow! They have a lot of unique items... the Avengers USB drives are soooo cute! Will check what else they have. :D

Jadey said...

Wow so many cute items! I love them!!

Chris said...

uber cute!! :D great site to visit!

Unknown said...

wow so many cute stuff! i didnt know about this site. must visit! :D