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New Home, New Look, Same Organic Goodness!

Like a kid in a candy store.
That was how I felt when I first stepped inside the new home of  Human Heart Nature Laguna. Come to think of it, the facade alone is a feast for the eyes; a foreboding that there's even more to marvel at beyond those glass doors.
A welcoming sight.
"Oh. My. Gawd!" were the first words that escaped my mouth as soon as I entered. "This place is so amazing!" I examined every nook and cranny of the new store, peered closely at the interior, the decorations, the furniture, and practically gushed at every single detail that I saw.

If you've seen how the old store looked like, perhaps you'd react in the exact same way. You see, from a tiny, seemingly cramped stall, Human Heart Nature Laguna has leveled up to a wider, more spacious, and easily accessible location. 

And if you're a native of San Pablo City, you'd understand where my astonishment is coming from. Local coffee shops and art galleries aside, I've never seen any store/boutique/retail outlet (whatever way you call it) 'round here as chic and sophisticated as this.

This tree is brimming with goodies!
Patterned after the flagship store in Quezon City, the Laguna concept store (the very first one in the South) features modern, thematic architecture. The interiors, with hues that are mostly browns and neutrals, exude a homey, earthy vibe.
"Very zen" is how I like to describe it.

Rows upon rows of your favorite Human Nature goodies!
Yes, makeup can grow on trees. :)
But it's the little things inside the store that really caught my eye - the tiny ornaments, the distinct patterns, the intricate details.
Little treasure chest.
Sepak takraw, anyone?
Take a whiff.
I'm in love with this curtain made of capiz shells.
The basket weave counter.
This lamp reminds me so much of The Little Prince.
Gotta have the heart!
I wouldn't mind staying here for hours - a whole day even! After all, there's a very welcoming and comfortable couch to lounge on.

And overflowing brewed coffee to boot!
Brewing goodness!
Now I still have a bunch of photos from last Saturday's store launching - most of which are products from the social enterprise brands. But let's save that for later. Those Theo and Philo chocolates and Enchantea drinks deserve a blog post of their own.

In the meantime, drop by the Human Heart Nature Laguna Concept Store, stock up on your favorite organic, Philippine-made products, and get the chance to see all these things for yourself. And yes, you get free brewed coffee, too!

Human Heart Nature Laguna Concept Store
G/F G-Square Plaza, Barleta St., San Pablo City
(049) 503 1096
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16 replies:

The Mommy Roves said...

wow! I've never seen and tried human nature product but this post got me curious :)

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madjewelled said...

wow hope i can visit this branch again

Unknown said...

finally another post about human heart laguna. i love the interiors. i wish i could see it in person too!

Momfever said...

It does look really great! It's always great to see a shop get a make over!

Kristina said...

What a beautiful looking store! Love the wooden tree branch shelves:)
Thanks for sharing (and happy shopping!),

Mommyluscious said...

love how you covered this! i'm a HHN advocate too and seeing this springing all around the country makes me so happy and proud :) i hope all branches could be like this!

Animetric said...

I wish one would open near me! I love HN products... they're so affordable and they're actually good for you. :)

This is Lovelee said...

I've been hearing a lot about Human Nature that's why I ordered some products for myself. Organic is good. I'm keeping that in mind. =)

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

The Quezon City store is very near my house and yes it's also very, very nice! :D I'm glad to see a Filipino company like Human Nature expanding. They make good products talaga :D

Unknown said...

Czjai... loves these pictures. I too would have trouble leaving that store! Can't wait to see the other pictures you took at the opening! Blessings!

Sweethestia said...

I love human nature products, especially their sun flower oil..

Mom-Friday said...

oh wow! nice store!
I love their attention to details with the wall decor and the furniture.
I love HN too and wish they open a branch near our place.

Lizzie said...

I love HN products and I also love visiting their office.

Unknown said...

I've never tried Human Nature products, I wonder if their baby products have lighter scent?

Im A Silly Mami said...

The store looks very inviting. I love the tree makeup-pretty cool.

Anne | Living Life Smarter said...

I love the branches on the wall! Love, love, love it :D