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My Suesh + Kiss & Makeup Winnings!

Otherwise known as the blog post that almost took me six months to make. LOL.

I actually won these from Diane's Christmas giveaway, so imagine how long ago that was. Haha! The prize needed to be claimed at any of the Suesh branches, and the nearest from where I live is the Alabang Town Center outlet - which didn't open until February this year.

My best friend was supposed to do the claiming in my behalf, but being such a workaholic, doing night shifts, and even working overtime deterred him from going to ATC. I finally had the chance to claim 'em myself last month. Remember my out-of-town weekend with the sibs? From Cavite, we made a beeline to Alabang just so I could drop by Suesh.

And now, without further ado, I present to you my jaw-dropping, heart-stopping winnings! The first ever from a blog giveaway!

A 3-way LED Lighted Mirror, a 7-piece brush set, a makeup palette.

Woot! The lights work!
Valued at Php 8000 (more or less $200 USD), the LED Lighted Mirror comes with a lifetime warranty. In the event that the lights malfunction or the electricity gets busted, all I have to do is bring the case to any Suesh branch and I can have the lights replaced or repaired, free of charge!

Saving energy while staying pretty. :)
The 7-piece brush set, on the other hand, includes: a Powder Brush, a Stippling Brush, an Eyeshadow Brush, a Brow Brush, a Cheek Brush, a Concealer Brush, and a Lip Brush. The handles are made of birch wood, while the brushes are made from the finest animal hair.Valued at Php 2400 (around $55 USD), the set comes in a leather pouch with magnetic snap closures.

The softest brushes in my collection so far.
As for the makeup palette, the prize package originally stated a 'purple Suesh color palette'. The congenial staff of Suesh ATC, however, gave me the liberty to choose the palette that I want instead. I chose the Gold Beauty Angel palette, because I realized that I already have way too many purples and pinks in my makeup kit.

The Gold Beauty Angel palette.
The palette includes twelve eyeshadows, two blushes, a dual-ended applicator, and even a mirror. Green and Blue are the other variants of the Beauty Angel color palettes. The retail price at Suesh? Php 250 only!
Will post an FOTD using these babies soon.

Now allow me to give my thanks - again - to Suesh, for these wonderful, wonderful prizes. And of course, to lovely Ms. Diane, for hosting such a great giveaway. This makeup junkie is certainly overjoyed. Until the next! :)

14 replies:

Mrs. Settles said...

What a fantastic prize! Lucky you!


Kaylees Education Studio said...

Congratulations on winning that prize.

Sumi Go said...

Wow sis! :D You're so luck! I've been seeing the Suesh kiosk in Trinoma but I haven't bought anything from them yet. I think I'll wait for your review on their products though before purchasing one, or some.. XD Anyway, congrats on winning such a nice set of prizes!

Arra said...

it's so puh-reety!!!

Katy Emanuel said...

Congratulations on winning. Looks like a really nice prize.

Unknown said...

Wow what an awesome prize to win! Congratulations :)

Unknown said...

Wow what an awesome prize to win! Congratulations :)

Animetric said...

Oh my, I want a mirror like that! :D

sigrid @ lifeandleisure said...

wow ang dami! very nice! congrats on winning. that reminds me to buy eyeshadow and lipstick. it has been years since i bought these!

Lizzie said...

Great winnings you've got there! I want a set of brushes, too!

Unknown said...

Czjai!! How wonderful! What a great gift pack. Congrats on your win. Peace. Carla :) said...

That's an awesome prize! I'm not even into make-ups but still, I want a mirror like that. :D

prototype mama said...

I never win anything lucky you!


Wooow! Super jealous of your prizes!!! They all look awesome! :O