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I have joined together with Tots and Me and some other great bloggers to bring you this giveaway.
The following review is written by Tots and Me.

I saw this intriguing product floating around the blog-o-sphere and wasn't sure how exactly it worked. At first it didn't make sense to me. But I wanted to learn more, and am I glad I did. Let me introduce you to FunBites. I was given the opportunity to try out the Cube It! Fun Bites Cutter and was able to see for myself how it worked.
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Have you ever cut out cookies or sandwiches or other food items into little pieces and had it take forever to cut out. Or have you ever used small cookie cutters and had the food stick in the cutter. With the FunBites cutter you can cut little pieces quickly, safely and uniformly. And then you can easily remove them by pushing the popper top in.

This is the cutter:

And this is the popper top:

I enjoyed using this to make our muffin tin meal a couple of weeks ago. I used it on all sorts of food. 

Cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits and a sandwich.
Not only is this easy to use, it is actually quite fun!

Push the cutter into the food and rock it back and forth a few times.

See, it went right through the sandwich.

Insert the popper top and push it through. (No, this wasn't the sandwich, I forgot to take a picture of the sandwich being popped out.)

Out pops the bite-sized pieces of food.

Make a fun meal. This was our Patterns Muffin Tin.

And some melon for dessert.
The FunBites cutter worked well on all the food, except for a little extra rocking needed for the green pepper with its thick skin. However, it was cut through enough that I just needed to break the pieces apart.

Now, you are probably thinking it looks like there is a lot of waste with the crust and pieces of veggies and fruit. That made a nice lunch for mommy.

Oh, and mommy did enjoy a few of the bite-sized pieces. There is something yummy about eating little bite-sized pieces. And I guess if it amuses this mommy so much it has got to be fun for children, even picky children. 

I guess the one thing I had concerns about was not knowing for sure if I have it clean enough in the crevices. Yes, it is able to go in the dish washer (top rack only), but then I would end up with water in the holes. So I washed it by hand after soaking it, and rinsed it really well. 

In spite of that, I love this innovative little kitchen tool. I love that it is BPA free. I love the ease of use. I love the uniform shapes that were cut out. And I love that the food just looks so cute. So did the children. 
And I love that it is made in the US of A. 

Do you like to create fun lunches for your child? Do you want to cut fun finger foods for a party? Do you have a picky eater? Then you have got to check out FunBites. 

And check them out of Facebook and Twitter.

I have been given the opportunity to give you a chance to win a FunBites of your very own. You get to choose between the Cube It! and Love It! Cutter. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. And, as always, you do NOT have to fill out every entry. There is only 1 mandatory entry. But the more entries you fill out the better your chances of winning. And don't forget to stop by daily to fill out your daily entries.

Giveaway is open to US and Canada
Giveaway runs May 24th 12:01am through June 9th 11:59pm

Disclosure: Tots and Me received a Cube It! FunBites Cutter for free in order to review it. This did not in any way influence her review. She only recommends products she uses personally and feels will be a good product for her readers.

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