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Hair Story | Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange.

I'm in a bit of a frugal mode lately. Well, to be exact, I NEED to be frugal these days. The little man will be in kindergarten this June, and as we all know, schooling entails expenses. Lots and lots of expenses. As such, I need to tighten my belt a little bit more while stretching the household budget a little further.

And with that, I chose to go for DIY hair coloring this time - instead of going to the salon and dishing out more than a thousand bucks (pesos, I mean) just to have it done. I actually considered going to Yue's barber, because they only charge Php 45 pesos (a little over a dollar), as opposed to the Php 150 rate of my stylist.

See? I told you I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl. And a sneaker freak, too! :)
However, the witty little boy reminded me that 'barbers are for boys'. LOL.

Ugh. The color is nearly gone, and I'm almost back to black!
I had my hair hacked waaay shorter at the back this time. And I specifically asked to have it contoured along the ears.

Handsome-ness! :)
Lani, my stylist, never fails to impress me every single time! She's like the Picasso of Pixies! (Whattaterm, lol!)

Now for the DIY part. Here's the arsenal.

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring #5 (Sweet Orange).
I've read tons of positive feedback for this product, which doesn't come as a surprise to me. After all, it's Etude House. Bought this for only Php 350 from my favorite eBay seller; I reckon it's also within the Php 300+ price range if bought directly from an Etude House store.

Clockiwise From L-R: Box, Pump (has liquid solution inside), Bubble Coloring Solution,
Silky Perfumed Hair Treatment, Plastic Cape + Latex Gloves.
Here's how you use this product.

1. Wear the cape and latex gloves.
2. Pour the Bubble Coloring Solution inside the pump bottle. 
3. Tilt the bottle from side to side so that it mixes with the Liquid Solution inside the bottle. Do not shake the bottle, as it may become too foamy to pump out.
4. Pump out the foamy mixture and apply it on your hair.
5. Leave it on for about 30 minutes.
6. Rinse thoroughly.
7. Apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment next. 
8. Leave it on your hair for at least five to ten minutes. 
9. Rinse.

I would have loved to share the step-by-step procedure in photos, but it's a tad too difficult to use the camera when your hands are covered in latex and/or bubble solution.

Here's how my DIY experiment turned out.

One of the rare occasions that I do flash photography, lol.
It came out orange, all right! The color is so prominent at the ends, and I love it! I wish it did the same towards the roots, though. But then again, my hair has been a mixture of all sorts of colors throughout the years (I've been coloring my hair since I was in high school, lol). Hence, I can't blame the product entirely if it doesn't turn out the way it should on my hair.

So yeah, I'm not complaining. All the more because it cost me just a fraction of what I would've spent in a salon.

Just a word of caution, though. The moment you rinse the color off, your hair will feel hella dry. Don't fret because this is what the Silky Perfumed Treatment is for. Use it generously and your hair will feel soft and smooth in no time. If you're still unsatisfied with it, try using Human Nature's Intensive Hair Mask. You'd be surprised at the wonders this product could do to your hair.

Now allow me to squeeze 'the look' in this post.

Because I haven't done a proper FOTD post in awhile, meh.

Products used:

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
Etude House Precious Minerals All Day Strong BB Cream
Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey
Avon Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Liner in Brown
Avon Smoke and Mirrors Eyeshadow Palette
Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry
Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner in White Fawn
Avon Super Curlacious Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
Sleek MakeUp Blush in Pomegranate
Jordana Double Length Lipliner in Rose
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Notice the new foundation? Review coming soon! :)

17 replies:

Eunice said...

I love EH's Bubble Hair Coloring as well! It's very easy to use plus the Silk Treatment smells heavenly. Orange looks good on you! :)

Unknown said...

honestly, after seeing this post and some of your pix, I do consider cutting my hair short, wish I could pull it off as well as you do haha!
one of these days! maybe this year :)

Lizzie said...

Great choice of color. I wanna dye my hair, too!

clarizze said...

love ur pixie cut.
we bought bubble hair color at etude's megamall last year (nov)for less than 400pesos and applied it on my teen daughter. not happy with the color result, all browns on the ends and less color near the roots. baka mali procedure namin :)

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I naturally have brown hair (don't we all?) and im kinda bored with it na but at the same time, i kinda like the color the way it is. How long does this last? Parang i want to experiment haha

Hazel said...

i tried EH bubble hair color too!! thinking of getting another shade soon! :) love your pixie cut!

Susan said...

I love the pixie cut...the short hair suits you. And the color is subtle and perfect. Great job!

Perspective Parenting said...

Your looks simply amazing! The orange is very stylish actually. I'm not sure if I trust myself with the box color, but it absolutely works for you. :)

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

I love your hair, Czjai!!

Unknown said...

Czjai!!! I absolutely love your hair!!! Beautiful!! and no barbers are not just for boys! lol!

Susan said...

Great cut!! Love it...

Sumi Go said...

Love the cut and the color sis! :D This looks kinda like an ombre actually. Anyway, I've DIYed my hair color twice, but using Prettia Bubble Hair Dye. It costs 700+ a box and I needed 2 for my long hair. The next time I'll DIY my hair color, I'll try Etude House's naman.. ;)

Unknown said...

Your hair looks adorable! What a great job and so cost effective!

Anonymous said...

Czjai I love the color, and your hair cut, it really suits you.

Gemma|My Dailies said...

you're definitely a mom with a touch of flair and a splash of spunk!

love your new hairstyle, make up and all!:)

The Mommy Roves said...

wow! i think its time for me to try this! been reading good feedbacks!! :D

Czjai said...

Hi sis!
Yes, they have other shades available. Two new ones have been added - Mocha Pink and Golden Bronze. I'm trying the latter this week. ;)