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Complete your enrollment requirements with the help of PSA Helpline.

The school year 2022-2023 has officially ended for our family, and we have a little over a month to enjoy the school break and prepare for the next academic year. Yue is an incoming tenth-grader and will still be studying at the same school, so there really isn't much to prepare for enrolment. Just the usual report card, accomplished student registration form, tuition fee, and that's it. For my niece and nephew, it's a totally different story.

Maggie is an incoming junior high school student and will be transferring to a science high school. She passed the grueling entrance exams and admissions interview with flying colors, how awesome is that?! Morgan, on the other hand, will be moving up from day care to kindergarten. Since the kids will be shifting schools, they need to submit documentary requirements. Of course, number one on the list would be their birth certificates. 

PSA Helpline is kids-approved!

Requesting for birth certificates and other PSA documents is now very easy and convenient thanks to PSA Helpline. Accredited by the Philippine Statistics Authority, PSA Helpline accepts requests for copy issuance of PSA documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates and offers door-to-door delivery nationwide. I discovered this website last year when I was in a rush to get a copy of Yue's birth certificate and have been recommending their services to family and friends ever since. 

My brother had the chance to try their service just recently, and he was impressed by their easy-to-navigate website and super fast delivery. He ordered the kids' birth certificates last Thursday, June 29 and received them earlier today, July 3. That only took 3 working days considering that we live outside Metro Manila, and my brother didn't even have to to leave home or line up for it. 

Delivered in as fast as 3 days!

Here's a quick look at how easy it is to request for documents at PSA Helpline.

1. Visit the PSA Helpline website and click the "Order Now" button. 

2. Choose the certificate type and check the boxes to continue.

3. Indicate whether you're requesting a birth certificate for yourself or someone else's. Take note that you can only request for birth certificates for your children or your parents.

4. The next page will be some sort of a guide, which lists down all the information that you need to provide.

5. Fill out the form accordingly, including the type of government ID that you must present upon delivery. PSA Helpline strictly follows a recipient-only delivery, meaning your parcel will only be released  to you and will not be given to anyone else even if an authorization letter is provided. 

6. Once you have completed the form and confirmed the delivery address and contact information, you will then be routed to the payment page. Payments can be done online, over-the-counter, or through Bancnet ATMs. Documents cost Php 365 each, which also covers the processing fee and delivery charge.

7. After confirming your payment, PSA Helpline will send you the reference number for your order via email and text message. You can use this reference number to track the status of your order but in our experience, we really didn't need to since PSA Helpline constantly updates us with emails and text messages. The next thing we knew, our documents were already out for delivery.

Delivery usually takes 3-4 working days within Metro Manila and 3-8 working days for provincial areas.
Requesting for PSA documents made easier with PSA Helpline.

Preparing for your child's school enrollment can be stressful at times, especially if both you and your spouse are busy working. PSA Helpline eases the burden of getting birth certificates and the like because you can request and pay for them online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. No more lining up at government offices and waiting for weeks to have them processed. Now, all it takes is just a few clicks of a button and a credit card or a virtual wallet, and that's it! 

15 replies:

Heather said...

Seems like the PSA hotline is very helpful. Thank you for the step by step!

AiringMyLaundry said...

This is some helpful advice for those needing to do this. It seems simpler in the US, though we do have a lot of paperwork to fill out.

Lisa said...

Well-written post that answered the few questions I had. Thanks for all the helpful information.

Kathy said...

This sounds really great. I hate having to always go in and wait forever in offices.

Mom Knows Best said...

I like when I can do things online. This makes things easier.

Lavanda of Appetizers & Entrées said...

It's great to have a centralized platform where we can easily access and process important documents for our children's education.

Richelle Milar said...

This sounds really great and very helpful! Thanks for sharing this with us

Rose Ann Sales said...

This will surely help a lot and make things lot easier! This is awesome!

Monidipa said...

Thank you for providing the PSA Helpline as a resource for completing enrollment requirements. It's helpful to have a reliable and efficient service to assist with the necessary documentation. Your guidance will surely benefit many individuals.

StarTraci said...

This is truly helpful. When we made our last move, I could have really used a helpline like this.

Christy G said...

This sounds like a great service. I know that here we have to show a birth certificate to enroll our kids in school. Plus, shot records.

Gust si Aroma said...

It's a great opportunity to have a online service like this! I am impressed that it's easy to request and has a fast delivery!

Beautiful Touches said...

This sort of thing can get so confusing because of all the requirements and documents needed, it's nice when there's an easier option like this!

Laura JL Books said...

This is helpful advice, for someone that need to do something like this. We have someing that is simplier in united states. thanks for sharing this with us.

Lady In Read said...

it is always convenient to be able to have such efficient options for these important documents