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Cravings Satisfied at Krāv Café.

Another coffee shop that has been on my radar for quite sometime now is Krāv Cafe. I would often see photos of my godparents dining here week after week together with their church friends, and this definitely piqued my curiosity. I was like, "Wow, the food must be really good for them to visit almost every Sunday."

After many weeks of curious thinking, I finally had the chance to try their food. Yue and I had late lunch yesterday at Krāv after running some errands and visiting the dentist for his monthly braces adjustment.

As we entered the place, the first thing I noticed was the huge glass windows which give the cafe a very inviting atmosphere. The interiors were just as impressive with its concrete walls, wood elements, and neutral color palette. I'm all for the minimalist industrial design, and Krāv is totally my style.

Huge glass windows.

Concrete walls and wood elements.

I also love how this place is spacious and well-lighted - perfect for lounging with friends, Sunday brunch with your family, or date nights with your loved one. 

Lots of space and electrical outlets.

Krāv also makes a great productivity hub for students and remote workers. They offer free (and fast) wi-fi to paying customers, and they have electrical outlets all over the place for your laptops and gadgets. 

When we visited Krāv, there was actually a group of students huddled in one corner with laptops and tablets in tow. It was quite nice to see them enjoying their cakes and coffee while getting actual work done. (I sort of overheard their conversation and they were brainstorming for a performance task.)

Speaking of coffee, Krāv has a wide selection of them on their menu. They also have fruit juices and tea, and some alcoholic beverages, too. I'm not sure if they serve the latter all day like their breakfast menu, but I do know that they do not serve alcohol to minors. Pasta and sandwiches are also present on the Krāv menu, as well as finger foods for starters and cakes for desserts.

The Krāv menu.

Cakes and coffee.

Yue, who was famished after an exhausting day at school, ordered the Breakfast Feast. This usually comes with two slices of bread and brewed coffee, but he opted to have it with fried rice instead. I was in the mood for pasta so I ordered their Pesto which also comes with sourdough bread.

Pesto, Breakfast Feast, Iced Chocolate.

Breakfast Feast, Php 275.

Pesto, Php 195.

Their Pesto is nutty and garlicky, just the way pesto should be. It's creamy and savory and has that nice, earthy flavor with hints of saltiness from the parmesan cheese. I wish they didn't over toast the bread, though. This plate would have been perfect if not for the sourdough bread that was bit too tough to bite.

Happy camper yet again.

Yue, on the other hand, had no complaints about his Breakfast Feast. He enjoyed it a lot, and would have ordered another if not for the power chain on his teeth. (His teeth started to hurt as soon as he was done eating.) He also liked their Iced Chocolate which, according to him, has the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. 

Of course, I had to have coffee and dessert. I ordered a 22oz cup of Spanish Latte and a slice of Carrot Cake. Their coffee is pretty good, while their cake tasted oddly familiar. Even Yue noticed it, too. Perhaps their cakes and the cakes from another restaurant are baked by the same patissier? Nonetheless, their Carrot Cake is yummy and a real eye-candy.

Spanish Latte 22oz, Php 140.
Carrot Cake, Php 13 per slice.

Overall, Yue and I enjoyed our first Krāv experience. The food may be a bit on the pricey side, but you definitely get your money's worth with the plating, presentation, and the taste. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff also makes this cafe worth visiting.

If you're looking for a nice co-working space that serves good food, Krāv is a must-try. You can even bring your pet/s along, as they're one of the few pet-friendly dining establishments here in the city. Plus points too for the spacious car park in front of their building. Now you can have coffee in peace without having to worry about your car getting scratched or dented while parked (or double parked, lol) along the busy streets of San Pablo.

Ground Flr. G5 Bldg.,
M. Brion St., Brgy. IV-C
San Pablo City

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