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5 Types Of Necklaces Every Woman Needs In Their Accessory Collection.

Necklaces are a staple in most jewelry collections. And they are also one of the most practical pieces of jewelry out there; they can complete any outfit and elevate your style instantly. Moreover, necklaces make exceptional gifts for holidays and almost any occasion. 

That said, there are tons of necklace styles out there, and some are leading as current trends, while others aren't all that popular. So, if you're wondering which necklaces to add to your collection this year, we've added the five most essential in 2021.

Kim Da Mi wearing a classic chain necklace in Itaewon Class (2020).

Delicate Chain Necklace
You can find several delicate chain necklaces by clicking here. This type of necklace style can be worn for practically any occasion, from elegant evening wear to casual everyday outfits. And they're unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon as delicate chain necklaces are now considered timeless. So, investing in a few quality pieces will be worth your while.

Suzy looks stunning with a choker.

The Choker
The choker necklace entered the fashion industry back in the 1990s, and it soon became a staple style for many. The design hugs the neck, and some have pendants or other details. This necklace cut can be worn for a fabulous night out, to an elegant dinner, or even as a fun statement necklace. There are numerous different styles of choker necklaces out there, as some are crafted from metals, and others are fabric.

CL wearing a LV sautoir necklace.

Sautoir Necklace
The sautoir necklace is an exceptionally elegant choice. This design showcases lengthy chains that hand below the neckline and draw attention. The chain is often set with embellishments or jewels. And while this cut is pretty elegant, you can also wear a sautoir necklace casually, depending on the style. However, they are best worn with low-cut tops or dresses to allow the necklace design to stand out genuinely.

Song Hye Kyo wearing a Chaumet princess necklace.

The Princess Necklace
A princess necklace is similar to a choker necklace, although it's slightly longer and does not hug the neck quite as much. It's a much more comfortable fit, and most consider them the perfect evening wear necklace cut. More often than not, they are packed with sparkling diamonds, crystals, or gemstones.

Blackpink wearing an assortment of necklaces.

Statement Necklace
Statement necklaces come in various shapes and sizes. And these necklaces generally fall into the category of costume jewelry, as they are pretty bold and vibrant, to say the least. However, these bold necklaces are making waves in the fashion industry this year, so you should shop around for a few different styles to add to your collection. These are also best for casual wear and fun evenings out.

There are several more different necklace styles, although the types mentioned above are trending this year. With that said, necklaces and most other jewelry accessories tend to rotate the same way fashion does. And for this reason, you can invest in elegant pieces without wondering if you'll forget about them, as they will likely go out of fashion and make a comeback on the fashion scene a few years later.

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