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Reasons to Date Redheads and Where to Find Them.

Red or ginger hair is unique. Many find them to be beautiful and rare, and those who can pull them off are gorgeous to look at. You might be looking for a new experience and dating redheads may be the answer. These women are pretty, and they are often head turners. You might have accidentally found one at a local bookshop, café, rock band concert, or mall. Know that there’s something attractive about them, but aside from the looks, you might want to get to know them better. You can also check dating sites for people with red hair and ensure to specify your preferences, so you’ll get plenty of ideal matches. If you’re looking for other reasons why you should date a redhead in the first place, then here are some for you.

Standing out.

1. Easier to Find your SO in crowds
When you and your important other date in a crowded area, they might get lost at some point. Wherever you look, everyone seems to be at average heights, and you’re having problems finding your SO. When you’re dating someone with ginger hair, this seems not to be a problem. Their fiery strands will make them stand out from the masses, and you can both be reunited quickly.

2. Bragging Rights to your Family and Friends
Men and women tend to brag about their partners during parties and get-togethers. (If they are not bragging about you, then there must be something wrong!) Stepping up the game means that you’re pulling this Ginger card that you have and see the envy from your friend’s eyes. This shows the world that your SO is like none other. There are also bonus points if they have beautiful faces as well.

3. Buy Bright Shirts
Brown or blonde hairs can’t usually pull off the yellow or purple colors. They might prefer the more neutral tones. Fortunately, redheads can definitely pull this off, and you can buy them shirts with pastel colors. The bright contrasts will emphasize their hair, and others will find them interesting. There’s nothing essential about redheads when they enter a room.

Redheads are for real men. 

4. It Takes Real Men to Handle Them
Dating a blonde takes a gentleman, and most men prefer them because they know what to expect. However, it’s different when you date someone with ginger hair. If you’re a man, your character and patience will be tested. Science has made it known that redheads have a feisty and fiery personality. Overall, you can expect a bold and passionate relationship similar to what you see on top of your partner’s head. If you want trouble, you can always find a redhead that you can clash with.

5. Never Have a Boring Time
If you’re stuck in a vacation house with your SO and begin to feel bored, know that you can always count the freckles on their faces. Redheads are notorious for having an abundance of freckles. Rather than the soft tan that you can expect on many females, gingers usually have porcelain skins. In the sun, they develop speckled dots that create many constellations in their bodies. As the saying goes, a face without freckles is similar to a night without any stars.

Delicate as a flower.

6. They are Delicate Flowers
You might be looking to become a Prince Charming who comes to save a sleeping princess from the horrors of a wicked witch. If so, then go with red. Studies show that women with ginger hair have a different perspective and experience when it comes to pain. Also, these people are more susceptible to specific illnesses. Learn more about their health risks on this site here.

Not only are they attracting toothaches and colds, but they also have a greater risk of getting endometriosis and multiple sclerosis at some point in their lives. On the flip side, they are better at handling some stinging on the skin compared to blondes and black-haired people.

7. They Smell Better
Anyone who has dated a redhead knows that they have a distinctive smell. Their scents are stronger than a woman with natural black or blonde hair. This is the same reason when animals want to flaunt what they have to offer. These women will lure you into their clutches and make you theirs forever. They have scents described as “civet,” and some even compared them to violets and amber. Say hello to an overdrive of pheromones!

Now that you have an idea of why you should consider a redhead, it’s time to know where to date them. Fortunately, today, there’s a technology that lets people find dates online and on phone apps. They can browse profiles of famous redheads while sitting on their couch, and they could always get to know them better before asking for a date. So, where do you start?

Kim Go Eun as a redhead in Cheese in the Trap (2016).

Where to Look for Redheads?
It’s best to find a website that has one of the largest databases in the world. Signing up is free, and you can set your preferences to get more accurate matches. Some platforms will ask you a series of questions to know more about you and the qualities of a potential mate that you’re looking for. If they determine that you’re going for a redhead in your area, there’s a considerable chance that you’ll see some of their profiles around, and you can send them a wink.

Some of the notable features of these websites include various filters when you’re searching for matches, including hair color. You’ll have a chance to view some of the hottest profiles for free. This is a one-stop platform for redheads who are seeking others of the same color as them.

There’s also a site dedicated to single girls that are made up of men looking for redheads. On some of these platforms, you’re allowed to upload photos, get matched, send winks, be flirty without any payment. Others also let you communicate via webcam and chat with the more popular ones in a private channel. There are a lot of redheads out there, and the best of luck if you’re looking for one.

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