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Making My Bathroom Look Special.

For my grunge-style apartment, classical sanitary ware was not an option. I wanted every interior object in my flat to be unique and trendy.

Grunge walls.

When decorating my bathroom, I was looking for custom bathroom sinks. My designer suggested combining the cement wall above the countertop with a bright vessel sink. My bathroom is quite spacious, and I want to put two similar sinks next to each other. The designer suggested I have a look at

The Aquatica sinks are made from high-quality composite materials. The shapes available are diverse thanks to acrylic resins, while the touch of a sink is warm and natural.

Gorgeous double black sink.

Aquatica made me interested with its black-colored sinks made from innovative NeroX material. Black sinks look gorgeous and different, but I heard one may have problems with cleaning. They tend to get stained. NeroX is easy to clean, but it has to be periodically treated with wax to enhance its stain-resistant qualities.

When I made up my mind about the material and black color, I was convinced with a choice of Aquatica as my supplier. Deciding on the shape of my sinks was a bit more complicated. I was looking for rectangular sinks. The shape gives you extra free space under its edges. I went for a smaller version of the Colette sink and am happy with the choice. I enjoy the contrast between its elegant yet minimalistic design and the rough walls of the bathroom. I think it softness the interior without overdoing it.  

You can leave the outside walls of a sink black or customize on request with a finish. I find the combination of cement walls, dark wooden countertop, and black sinks with moss green outside absolutely stunning.

Dark green towels complete the look.

I have chosen towels of the matching dark green shade and am absolutely happy with my enigmatic bathroom. I am also glad that Aquatica has treated my sinks with a nanotechnological protection layer that secures them from scratches, chemicals, and microbes.

It is invisible to the eye, but it does the job well. I had no problems with stains or scratches whatsoever!

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