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5 Creative and Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter.

While it may not feel like it in some parts, springtime is right around the corner, and with it will come one of the cheeriest holidays of the year: Easter. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys this holiday as a time to celebrate the pleasant weather and the cutest animals, you may be looking for fun ways to celebrate this special day.

To get the most out of this lovely day, here are four creative and fun ways to celebrate Easter:

Easter eggs and a lovely bunch of Easter roses.

1. Have a self-care day.
Okay, we know that this isn’t your typical Easter holiday idea but if you’re over the treasure hunts and over-done activities for this holiday, doing some self-care activities can be the perfect way to enjoy your day off. You could book a local spa, if you’re comfortable with their Covid-19 sanitization policies and social-distancing but if you’d prefer the comfort of your home, there are plenty of ways to make a spa-like ambience at home. Order roses for Easter, dim the lights, set up candles, turn on the bath, put on your favorite music and relax. You can pick out your favorite face-masks to get that deep-cleanse (did you know they have bunny face-masks out there?) and do your nails. Take time for you on this holiday—you deserve it.

2.Virtualize the holiday with your loved ones.
It’s probably been a couple of holidays that you haven’t been able to spend with your loved ones due to the pandemic. If that’s the case, consider spending this one with them, even if just virtually. From Zoom to Houseparty, there are plenty of apps to choose from so that you can connect and celebrate with the ones you love. If you have long-time Easter traditions that you always do, figure out ways to keep the traditions alive, no matter where everyone may be located at this time.

Easter dinner idea.

3.Prepare Easter goodies for a low-key dinner with friends.
Many people around the country have created small circles of friends and loved ones known as a Covid-pod. The idea is that people only spend time, for the most part, with these friends so as to still have some socializing and connection while playing it safe to avoid exposure. If this is the case for you, perhaps you can prepare a fun Easter dinner with your pod. Whether your grandma has an amazing Easter recipe or you have to come up with your own, a Easter meal with friends can be a great way to celebrate the holiday.

4. Create and send Easter cards.
Do you have friends and loved ones spread around the country? Chances are that you’re missing them and they are missing you. If you have an artistic streak or really enjoy arts and crafts, why not use this skill to not only cheer them up but have a good time while you’re at it. Not only will they be delighted to receive snail-mail from you but you’ll also get to show off a talent you may have been hiding.

Lee Jae Wook in Extraordinary You (2019).

5.Do an Easter egg hunt—at night. 
If you’ve decided to have your Covid-pod over, why not do something very traditional like an Easter egg hunt? Except, instead of chocolate bunnies, everyone will be searching for something that grownups enjoy, whether it’s small liquor bottles or gift cards to favorite stores. Look up some Easter-inspired cocktails and make it an Easter egg hunt you won’t soon forget. If you don’t have a Covid-pod per se, but are open to outdoor activities with masks and distance, this kind of egg hunt can still happen.

In Conclusion
2020 definitely made us think outside the box and because of this, we now approach holidays a bit differently; but maybe that’s a good thing. With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for a great experience. Hopefully, these ideas can get you started on a memorable Easter experience, whether you’re near family or alone at home.

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