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10 Special Gifts for Your SO This Valentine's Day.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to start planning that surprise for your sweetheart. With the restrictions of the pandemic still in place, this is the perfect year to have your gift delivered right to your doorstep. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to order these gifts for delivery.

As a date night at home is a popular way to spend Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of gifts that can help set the mood for a perfect date with your Valentine. Even if you aren’t known as the best gift-giver, here are some suggestions to turn your gift-giving reputation around and show your partner how much you care.
Team Seo Jun here! Hwang In Yeop in True Beauty (2021).

1. Flowers
Let’s start off simple: you can’t go wrong with Valentine’s bouquets. Whether classic red roses or a flower arrangement starring some beautiful lilies, everybody loves getting flowers. You can even get beautiful flower arrangements delivered directly to your sweetheart. Don’t forget to personalize the note!

2. A long-lasting keepsake
In addition to sending flowers, you can send an Eternity Rose, a real rose dipped in gold or platinum to last past Valentine’s Day.

3. Personalized artwork
Show how much you care by memorializing a special moment or anniversary through some artwork. Give the gift of a customized constellation piece reflecting the sky on your first date. Or some wall art of the coordinates of your first home together.

Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon, cameo appearance in True Beauty.

4. Go all out for a movie night date
While movie theaters still may be out of the question, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the movie theater to your living room. Rent a romantic comedy and turn the living room into the perfect cozy cave. Popcorn is all that’s missing. Prepare for the proper movie theater experience by gifting your significant other a popcorn basket full of delicious treats.

5. Salami bouquet
Maybe you want to send an unconventional bouquet. Whether for your boyfriend or girlfriend, consider sending your significant other a beef jerky bouquet. Or even a salami bouquet to the meat lover in your life. It’s not too often you get to eat a bouquet.

6. The gift of self-care
Everybody needs to take some time for themselves. Sending a curated basket of essential oils and moisturizers can make it easier for your significant other to embrace the me-time they deserve.

Captain Ri's candle!
How can we ever forget this scene from Crash Landing on You (2020)?

7. A sentimental candle
You can never have too many candles. Get a candle that reminds your significant other of your shared memories and special moments. There are personalized candles based on locations or events of significance. It’s been proven that personal scents can increase the attraction between two people. Find the perfect candle to show how you feel about your partner.

8. A box of chocolates
Who doesn’t enjoy a box of chocolates? Valentine’s Day doesn’t feel complete without eating heart shaped chocolates from a box. Make sure you get your box of chocolates prior to the holiday to avoid those chocolate cravings.

9. A gourmet gift basket
Send a basket of some of the finest foods, heart-shaped and otherwise. The best part of sending a gift basket full of food is that you’ll often get to partake in the eating of these gourmet treats. So really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Wi Ha Joon and Lee Na Young in Romance is a Bonus Book (2019).

10. Personalize a book
There are many resources out there to create a personalized book that captures the relationship between you and your partner. You could create your own scrapbook of photos throughout the years, or you could even get a personalized picture book full of high-quality illustrations. Make a book that tells your unique love story. Fall in love with your story all over again.

No matter what you get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, the most important part of the gift is showing them that you care. Take advantage of gift delivery services and surprise your significant other with a romantic delivery when they’re least expecting it.

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