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Nexgard | For Dogs Plagued By Fleas

Fleas have been tormenting our furry friends since the dawn of time, but with the ingenuity of pet parents plus those in the scientific world, there are a number of creative ways to annihilate the pesky pests. Some opt for organic, natural methods while others choose to use prescription medications or over-the-counters with any sort of formulations such as sprays, dips, shampoos, ointments, or homemade remedies.
The new member of our family, Pepper.
She's my sister's fur baby, actually. :)
Treatments For Dogs Plagued By Fleas
If you choose to buy a medicated product,, you must understand what is tolerable with your pup to avoid any type of reactions. An excellent way to ensure overall safety and well-being is to consult with the dog’s regular vet. The medical professional can advise potential products from each category as well as potential risks, interactions with the pup’s existing medications or any underlying health issues, and supervise the treatment course.

The expansive range of new prescription products has proven exceptionally positive as they relate to eliminating the menace allowing control of the entire flea population with merely treating the pet. Some will kill the pest and break the life cycle besides destroying the eggs, making it impossible for re infestation.

There is also a powerful variety of different home remedies and organic, natural treatments boasting as helping eradicate fleas effectively, including CBD oil products or citrus spray and vinegar, among others. These note to be safer than most pharmaceuticals offering fewer side effects but high efficiency in their purpose. It would be best if you again had healthcare guidance solely to avoid the chance for adverse effects.
Step one.
Eliminating The Fleas From Pup Is Only Step One
Chances are the fleas, and possibly their parasites have spread from the dog to other areas throughout the home where they have napped, the pup’s bedding particularly. Any linens plus the bed needs soaking in soapy, very hot water for more than 15 minutes. After everything has saturated, wash, and thoroughly rinse. The entire process results in the dehydration and death of the pests.

As far as the remaining parts of the home, a good vacuum is essential in sucking up the fleas from all the cracks and crevices, each square foot of every room in the entire house. It’s going to be a juggling act. You either want the puppy clean and stay with someone during the cleanup. Or, if the dog still has the infestation, he should remain outside or in one particular space until he’s free of the outbreak. Areas that don’t receive a lot of sunlight are most prevalent because they prefer cool, humid areas. Read about the different ways to treat fleas.
Pepper after her first grooming.
Final Step Of The Process
The last step in eradicating these little nuisances is giving your fur baby a nice warm bath to ensure that all the ‘debris’ is washed off the skin and fur. You may decide to use a big tub and do this part outside after everything has been cleaned properly. The puppy will feel like a brand-new dog.

Final Word
Sadly, fleas are a common problem for pet parents, but those who are new to the experience find them their worst nightmare and that of their fur baby. The pests wreak havoc biting the pup, causing red itchy, painful places and often allergic reactions.

No owner wants to see their dog in such misery, and we all feel in some way responsible for not catching the infestation before it has the capacity to harm them. But then it becomes a matter of fixing the problem with the safety and wellness of the puppy in mind in some cases with homemade remedies.
Pepper chillin'. :)
Many of the prescription medications boast the capability of wiping the flea population out in no time. Still, you have to be very mindful of the side effects associated with these as well as over-the-counter medications. Some pharmaceuticals can cause serious adverse effects. It’s essential to do your research in choosing a product that will prove harmless.

Today, most pet parents go for the alternative, which is the organic natural products such as CBD oil or home remedies. Whatever your option, consult the pup’s vet for guidance and instructions. The primary goal is the health of your furry companion

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